10 days left of 2016

I had only planned on being in Western Australia for a few days before I headed back to the East coast but because I have been having such a nice time I have ended up staying. I will be here until just after Christmas, and if you have had a chance you will see I have a special Christmas day offer available for those who want some good company on Christmas Day. I have organised a nice place to spend a few days in Fremantle and if you want to take advantage of my special offer on Christmas day give me a call.

I plan to be in Townsville for New Years eve though because I consider Townsville home. Though after my stay in Rockingham I am almost wanting to just move here instead. Its been great to be able to spend some time with my friends that live around the area. Though I have a number of plans for next year, depending on what happens who knows I could at some point end up living in Rockingham. But more on that next year when I work out what I am planning.

I cant believe how quickly this year has gone can you? Its been a bit up and down for me due to a number of personal issues but I am looking forward to new things happening next year. I plan on just enjoying the rest of 2016. Have a few nights out, meet some new gentlemen and who knows we could have a blast together. I know I have met a couple of really lovely gents while I have been in Perth and Rockingham.

I would love to hear about your plans for New Years, find out what youre going to get up to. I know I plan to get dressed up maybe hit the town and go dancing or something. Guess that depends on what my friends are going to get up to because its no fun spending it alone. I got the next part of my left arm tattoo done which was exciting, well at least for me anyway. Photos have been posted on twitter if you want to have a look. And I may get the next part done before NYE. its a work in progress.

So If I don’t see you between now and the end of the year I wish you a lovely Christmas if you celebrate it. If you don’t I hope you at least have a nice holiday and I hope your start to the new year goes well and that we can meet in 2017.

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