4 months of touring then relocation for me

I have decided to tour consistently until the end of April. There are a few reasons for this. Its so i can have some time visiting places i have been to many times as well as visit some new places. Its so i can spend some time with some lovely gents while at the time enjoying the visits to some of my favourite towns and have a bit of an explore and see some old friends. Its also because i have decided where i am going to make my home base and once i move there i will only be touring about 1 week a month due to other projects i have got in the works.

As you may know i offer a range of fetish sessions as well as my standard escort services and i am currently in the process of getting things in order to set up a Nursery in my home for Adult Baby / Caregiver sessions which i am excited about as i want to start focusing more on my fetish and alternative sessions as i generally find them fun and interesting and they spice things up alot. Its taken me a while to come to this decision, but i have decided thats what i really want to start focusing on in the future.

I am finding in regards to my full service type services more and more people are wanting more of a girlfriend experience which isnt really what i offer in general. It doesnt suit my personality type and i just find it isnt a good fit for me, While i may enjoy doing my full service sessions, there are aspects of the whole GFE thing that i just dont want to offer because it isnt my thing. I am not a fan of offering kissing and all the affection and intimacy that comes with it. And i do understand why so many guys prefer that kind of service, i really do. But i prefer a full service with some kink added as i find it alot more fun and its great to introduce some kinkiness into the mix. And so that tends to be my style more then GFE.

I know a few ladies around Australia who offer the whole GFE session and if thats something that interests you, i am happy to send you to them so that you can get the experience youre seeking. But if your looking for some fun sex meshed with a side of kink then i would love to explore this with you.

Especially for my fetish / kink / bdsm sessions i am really focusing on doing extended sessions of 2 – 4 hours long, as i think this really gives us a good amount of time to really have some good times and try a few different things out together. While i have a number of types of sessions listed on my site, i am always open to your ideas and creating a package that suits us both, so if there is something you want to try but dont see it listed, dont hesitate to call me and discuss your fantasies as i will let you know if its something i can help you with or not. I will be upfront, my BDSM Session is a session where i am the top / Mistress. But i am not a traditional mistress, my session is more about exploring BDSM with someone who will take charge, but its casual and flows depending on how we both feel, and its focus is more about just exploring and trying new things out together. If you want a traditional Mistress session i am happy to also refer you to some great mistresses, if my approach doesnt suit your needs.

And lastly, i will really be pushing the advance notice bookings with deposits this year, as my touring will really be toned down after April, so my time on tours will be limited and fill up quickly, so to make sure it goes ahead and you dont miss out it is best to get in nice and early.

So if you are in Northern NSW, keep an eye out for exactly where i will be moving to, as i have decided i wont be announcing that until i have organised my house and am ready to start seeing people. So as they say watch this space.

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