A little update

Recently, after thinking about it alot, i decided to change some of my prices for some of my services. Yes, some have increased. There is a number of reasons for this.

  1. Because i felt it was time to increase them after a number of years of being what they were
  2. Some extra services i used to charge extra for will no longer have an extra charge so my full service will be a bit more inclusive.
  3. I feel that i have gotten to a point where i feel that its important to value myself more and be alot less stressed out and hopefully be able to be more present in what i offer.

I have found over the years because of my lower rates many have felt entitled to try and negotiate my prices which is not ok. So i decided maybe its time to increase them slightly. There will be no more changes to my rates in the future as i am now happy where they are at.

I have many regular callers who the above doesnt apply to and i definately appreciate you and appreciate spending time with you and i hope this doesnt stop you from wanting to spend time with me. I do encourage you, as regulars to become members of my VIP area so you can benefit the special deals i have in place just for members. Contact me for further info.

Hopefully due to this slight increase i can see some new and old friends, be more present and hopefully enjoy your company alot more.

I think its important for myself to value myself, find what will help me to be able to enjoy what i do and be able to always improve and add to what i offer and this is part of why i felt it was important to do this.

I will also be insisting on deposits on a more regular basis especially while touring because i believe its important and i wont be visiting most places for an extended time so my availability will be limited. So deposits will ensure you dont miss out on some time together. It will also show you genuinely want to spend time together. But ultimately it is purely so we dont miss out on some fun together


I look forward to a interesting and fun year ahead


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