North Coast NSW Trip

So, I have been slowly making my way down the North Coast of New South Wales and there have been good and bad parts of the trip. So far i have been to Ballina, Port Macquarie and Taree and i will be heading to Nelson Bay tomorrow (Friday 20th October) I will have a chat about the good and bad so far with you and will also add photos as i go along which will be great.

So in Ballina, it was a little quiet, but i expected that as it was a last minute decision to actually head there. I had a bit of a look around, saw some lovely clients and headed in to Byron to head to the beach for a nice afternoon swim which i always love doing.

From there i headed to Port Macquarie, and i have been here once before for work. And i stayed in Shelly Beach which was lovely had a fantastic view from where i was staying. I will say that it is a beautiful part of the coast line. Found this really awesome and secluded lookout not far from where my hotel was, might consider doing a photo shoot next time i am there it was so awesome. It was a bit too chilly to actually go for a swim but i am ok with that, as ill be back for a full week in December. The only issue i had with Port Macquarie is it seems the gents there dont seem to read the ads in the paper at all, because they have kept calling and calling after i have left town even though i have specified when i was in town, so hopefully if i stay a whole week in December there wont be that same problem again, well heres hoping anyway.




I have now been in Taree for a few days which was nice. Checked out the Manning River and there are some great places to be able to sit and chill out by the water while enjoying my book or having some lunch, its nice to get out of the Motel room. But again the guys in Taree seem to have a little trouble committing to seeing me or want to see me after i have left so we will see how that pans out after i leave town. But i had a nice long afternoon walk by the river, even got some op shopping in which i always love to do as you can find some great little treasures sometimes.

I will be heading to Nelson Bay tomorrow morning which i am really excited about because i have spent so much time in Nelson Bay, both as a child and as an adult on holidays so it is a place i love to visit.


As i continue my trip i will keep updating my blog talking about the different places ill be visiting, i will be heading to Newcastle and Bathurst after i am done in Nelson Bay so that should be alot of fun i hope.


Visiting Country New South Wales

I have decided to do a nice month long tour of the north coast of New South Wales for the month of October. I plan to visit some places I have been to before as well as a few I haven’t been to previously.
I am hoping there is some great weather along the way, so I can get some beach time in as well as being able to explore while I am passing through. I am looking forward to seeing some new and old friends and having some good times while I am in town.

I haven’t done this sort of trip since this time last year when I did it with a friend but I think at least this time I will be there mainly on the outside of school holidays which is probably the best way to go about doing this trip.

Some of the places I am planning to visit are Ballina, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Taree, Bathurst, Newcastle and of course Goulburn there will probably be some stops along the way at a few other places I will see how it turns out. But I am excited about it all.

Seeing the job I had applied for in Brisbane didn’t pan out as planned I will be looking at a few places along the way for work and potentially looking at rentals, so who knows where ill end up but I am looking for work and a new place to end up living before the end of the year, so will see which place speaks to me.

I am in need of scaling back my escorting work and only doing it part time while looking at other opportunities that suit me and that I can really enjoy.

Also I have just added a new service today to my list of services so make sure you check it out, its a Fly me to you package where if you specifically want to see me in your town or city we can arrange for you to fly me to see you and have some fun for a few hours, so make sure you check it out on my services page, and who knows we could potentially have some fun times together that way, as I am just one person so this is a good way to get me to your town and spending a few hours with you.


So, what does the future hold?

So, you may notice that I have listed quite a few places ill be touring, I have also listed some places I want to visit, but haven’t put dates for them yet. So make sure you sign up for my newsletter to be kept informed.

So next week I am going for an interview for a new job. If that plays out how I really want it to, I will be reducing my availability by a lot and I will not be touring nearly as often, so it is best to make the most of my time while you can. I am hoping that if all pans out how I want to I will only being doing escorting on the odd occasion, though it will never be in the town where the job I get ends up being, mainly due to the nature of the jobs I like to take outside of escorting.

So if you would like to see me in your town, make sure you let me know so I can organise in advance, I am trying to get to all the places I have visited often as well as some new and interesting places

I do ask that you double check the dates ill be visiting your town, because when I have visited bigger cities, for example, Canberra, everyone is waiting until after I have left town to call me and try to arrange times to see me because they chose not to read my ad properly. Its really important you check the dates because they will be the only dates ill be in town, none of this staying extra days “just in case”

My 2 biggest pet peeves are guys not reading my ads or my website before calling me and waiting until after I have left town to call me to try and arrange a booking. So please check out all the pages on my site it should answer a majority of your questions about who I am, what I offer, and when ill be offering it.

Also let me remind you about checking out my other website – Krissy Smith – as it has my erotic stories blog as well as information about my phone services and cuddle services and I don’t want you to miss out on knowing about those.

Have spiced things up a bit

So I have a been playing around a little with the services I offer, I have been changing them around, trying out new ones to find a good fit. So I will continue offering my usual Full service, Relaxation Service, BDSM and a range of fetish sort of services. But I have also decided to add a few new ones to the mix.

Firstly I am offering a range of phone and Skype services. My phone services are mainly focused on BDSM & Fetishes over the phone talking about your deepest and darkest desires and hopefully getting you excited over the phone, but that doesn’t mean the service is limited to just that. I am happy to do a range of different phone services and happy to take your requests so make sure you get in touch to discuss further. These services are great for those who want to have some fun before I arrive in your town or it could be you just want to have a little naughty fun over the phone.

I am also offering a BDSM email service as well which is great for those who want a mistress to take charge online before trying it out in real life and I would love to chat to you more about what can be involved in this service.

As some of you know I have also been offering a non sexual cuddle service for a number of years now and its slowly taking off which I am excited about. This service is for both men and women so its great for everyone really. There are so many health benefits to cuddling and some times its just nice to be held with no expectations. I have discussed the health benefits of my cuddle service on my website and on this blog so if you are interested in learning more and maybe giving it a try I cant wait to hear from you…

I also have a Erotic story blog that is password protected.. There is a $100 lifetime fee to gain access to this blog of stories. There are a range of different types of erotic stories which I will be posting on a regular basis and if you decide you want access I am always happy to take your suggestions and write ones to your liking. I could even write one specifically for you. They are very sexy and hot and definitely a turn on so it is recommended you check it out..

And last of all. I have decided to start doing a FinDom service as its something I have been asked about a few times and decided it would be something I would love to offer. There are a couple of terms and conditions to this one due to people wanting my time for free. So if you would like to go into a Findom arrangement a tribute will be required before there is any correspondence or texting regarding this and I will send you the details to make this tribute. I am finding I love having the control over submissive men and really showing them whos in charge.




Ill make a deal with you.

So, one of my requirements when touring is that advance bookings and deposits are essential for the tour to go ahead. Now those who properly read my website before getting in contact with me do the amazingly and i love and appreciate it.

But it seems there are alot of gents who look at the pretty pictures, skip any of the information provided and then calling me expecting im available then and there. But i advertise my tours in advance because i require advance bookings and deposits.

So i am going to make a deal with you all. If you take the time to read my website properly, check out my availability page to find out when i am visiting your town or city, check out my services and prices and then give me a call, and arrange a booking in advance and pay the required deposit i will give you an extra 20 to 30 minutes of my time on top of what you book.

I think this is a great deal, means you get a little extra time at no charge. It means you get to spend more time with me.

So, for those who have already made their advance bookings and deposits i will say i appreciate it alot and you will automatically get the extra time applied. But for those who are considering seeing me, if you can take the time to read my ads and website and read the dates im in town along with whats on offer and arrange some time together in advance i will reward you. On top of that it will make the time we spend together so much more fun for us both.

So i look forward to hearing from you soon

Calling after I have left town

As a touring escort, when I visit somewhere I always include the dates I am visiting in my advertising – on my website, in my various ads and in the paper. The reason for this is that these are the dates I am available in town. So calling me after I have left town and asking me if you can come see me, tells me you haven’t taken the time to properly read my ad or website properly.

I do understand about getting excited about a ladies photos and just wanting to call so you can see her or getting excited about something you see in her ad. I do understand. But by taking a moment to read the ad before contacting her can be important. The reason for this is depending on where you found her details she will generally have included some important information for you to read – This can include – Dates she is available, her working hours, where she is located, what the rates and services are, maybe even her website. As a touring escort I feel its important that you check this information out before getting in contact and the reason being is that it is to ensure that she offers what your after, that she is in your price range, that she is available when you actually want to see her. It ensures that you don’t miss out on seeing her.

By reading her advertising properly when you call you are fully informed and also I guarantee that if you read all the information presented before calling the escort will be able to tell this and I guarantee that it will make the whole process a lot smoother and a lot of fun for both of you, because trust me, we can tell when you have taken the time to read our ads and websites and It really does make a huge difference in how the interaction prior to meeting goes.

Personally I include a lot of information on my website to answer as many of your questions as possible and this is for a few different reasons. Its so you know exactly when I am available, its so you know exactly what I am offering and for how much, its so you can properly see how I look, and the fact that I am generally a direct sort of person and I prefer to be direct in my interactions as I feel it can help us be on the same page.

It is really important to take note of things such as her availability and working hours, especially when she is on tour, because when tour dates are listed they are the dates she is in town. If she decides to extend her stay, trust me her tour dates will definitely reflect that so calling the days after, generally you will most likely be disappointed and that’s why if she has specific dates listed its best to get in contact then.

I usually recommend to clients to sign up for my newsletter as if you miss out on seeing me while I am in town, if you sign up to my newsletter you will be emailed when I have put up tour dates or when I am coming to your town.


So all I ask is that before calling the escort of your choice take a few minutes to read all the information they have provided to ensure you don’t miss out and that you get to spend quality time with the escort of your choice and if you read this information first I promise that it will make a massive difference.

Recent News & New Photos

So I have been busy over the last few weeks on tour, and I have a busy few weeks ahead tour wise. I am heading to some familiar places and some new places along the way which is exciting so hopefully I can see some lovely people along the way.

I also have posted up some of my new photos which I am really happy about, I am really pleased with how they turned out and hopefully you enjoy them as well. I was certainly impressed with the photographer I used. I haven’t posted all of the photos she took for me, but they will slowly be used on Twitter so feel free to check them out there as well.

I have also made a few small changed to my pricing structure and have put all the info about my cuddle sessions as well as my phone sessions and erotic stories up on my website, if you want to know more about them click here.

I will be heading to Brisbane in September but my availability will be severely limited, as in I will only be taking a few bookings over that weekend as I am heading to a charity ball I attend each year and have for the last 10 years or so. Its one of my favourite charity balls to attend, though I do go to a few each year for the charities I am a big supporter of. So I will also post photos up on twitter of me full dressed up to the nines for everyone to see!!

As always with my tours, I do highly encourage deposits for advance bookings as this means you get first choice of booking times and you don’t miss out while I am in town.

I have been spending a lot of time on the Gold Coast recently to spend time with my family and just have some quiet time between tours as I need a bit of R&R time sometimes.



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