Road trip – Townsville to Port Macquarie – Expressions of Interest

So, from the 12th to the 24th of April, a fun BBW friend and i will be planning a road trip from Townsville to Port Macquarie. We are planning on making a few stops along the way in between and having some good times while doing such a long trip.

So some of the places we are considering stopping at are – Mackay, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Bundaberg, Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour and Kempsy. But we are open to suggestions.

Are you interested in spending time with myself, or even with 2 sexy bbw ladies? If you would like us to stop in, pass through your town, close off dates for expressions of interest will be the 29th March.

Once we have gotten some expressions of interest, i will start planning dates for each location and have them listed on my website by the 2nd of April. We will then also be in contact with you on the same date letting you know which dates we will be in your town. We will require advance bookings and deposits to be paid by the 9th of April into my ANZ business account if you want to make a booking and have us visit your town.

So if you are interested in expressing interest in having us stop in please send me an email at and please include the following information in the email if you wish to get a response back

Your Name…. What town or city your in…. Best Contact number and best time to contact you via phone… A little about yourself and what your interested in getting up to… and if your interested in seeing the 2 of us together (straight doubles only)


So i look forward to hearing from you very soon and hopefully we can have a fun and exciting trip down the coast.

4 months of touring then relocation for me

I have decided to tour consistently until the end of April. There are a few reasons for this. Its so i can have some time visiting places i have been to many times as well as visit some new places. Its so i can spend some time with some lovely gents while at the time enjoying the visits to some of my favourite towns and have a bit of an explore and see some old friends. Its also because i have decided where i am going to make my home base and once i move there i will only be touring about 1 week a month due to other projects i have got in the works.

As you may know i offer a range of fetish sessions as well as my standard escort services and i am currently in the process of getting things in order to set up a Nursery in my home for Adult Baby / Caregiver sessions which i am excited about as i want to start focusing more on my fetish and alternative sessions as i generally find them fun and interesting and they spice things up alot. Its taken me a while to come to this decision, but i have decided thats what i really want to start focusing on in the future.

I am finding in regards to my full service type services more and more people are wanting more of a girlfriend experience which isnt really what i offer in general. It doesnt suit my personality type and i just find it isnt a good fit for me, While i may enjoy doing my full service sessions, there are aspects of the whole GFE thing that i just dont want to offer because it isnt my thing. I am not a fan of offering kissing and all the affection and intimacy that comes with it. And i do understand why so many guys prefer that kind of service, i really do. But i prefer a full service with some kink added as i find it alot more fun and its great to introduce some kinkiness into the mix. And so that tends to be my style more then GFE.

I know a few ladies around Australia who offer the whole GFE session and if thats something that interests you, i am happy to send you to them so that you can get the experience youre seeking. But if your looking for some fun sex meshed with a side of kink then i would love to explore this with you.

Especially for my fetish / kink / bdsm sessions i am really focusing on doing extended sessions of 2 – 4 hours long, as i think this really gives us a good amount of time to really have some good times and try a few different things out together. While i have a number of types of sessions listed on my site, i am always open to your ideas and creating a package that suits us both, so if there is something you want to try but dont see it listed, dont hesitate to call me and discuss your fantasies as i will let you know if its something i can help you with or not. I will be upfront, my BDSM Session is a session where i am the top / Mistress. But i am not a traditional mistress, my session is more about exploring BDSM with someone who will take charge, but its casual and flows depending on how we both feel, and its focus is more about just exploring and trying new things out together. If you want a traditional Mistress session i am happy to also refer you to some great mistresses, if my approach doesnt suit your needs.

And lastly, i will really be pushing the advance notice bookings with deposits this year, as my touring will really be toned down after April, so my time on tours will be limited and fill up quickly, so to make sure it goes ahead and you dont miss out it is best to get in nice and early.

So if you are in Northern NSW, keep an eye out for exactly where i will be moving to, as i have decided i wont be announcing that until i have organised my house and am ready to start seeing people. So as they say watch this space.

Its almost Christmas and the end of 2017

So, ill be honest i do love Christmas time. There are many different reasons why, its a time of year i can spend time with my friends and my family, its the time of year i start making my nans christmas fruit cake (which is secretly like the best christmas cake like ever) and in my family we have this tradition where we will buy 2 presents for each person in our family, one is a gift that person wants and the other is a silly and funny present which related to something funny that has happened in that year.

I have posted 2 end of year tours to Rockhampton and Canberra, though those will only go ahead if i get a minimum 5 advance bookings with deposits. So if your in either place i highly recommend getting in contact. I will also be available until the end of the year for fly me to you bookings which require a minimum 3 hour booking, so if you would like to see me before the end of the year make sure you give me a call.

Between the 24th and the 26th December and on the 31st of December i will be turning my phone off though as i wont be working or be available to answer the phone at all as i will be spending time with my family. And its been a few years since i have had a christmas with them so i am making the most of it.

I would love to hear about how and if you celebrate Christmas and what your plans for New years eve is. Hopefully most of you have some great and fun plans, but i also want you to take some time out and think about those who wont be spending time with their families at this time of year, in particular those who serve in our military. If you want to show your support you can organise to send them letters or care packages to show your support to them. You can also show some great support towards some organisations that are there to support our veteran. I am a big supporter of Mates4Mates and i would love you to support them too.

Also please take some time out to think about those who are less fortunate then you and there are some great ways you can help those out who have less then you. Whether its volunteering or even giving a gift to a child who wont get any this year at christmas and ill link some places you can check out and support.

JoySpreader Charity Gifts

Unicef give a gift

Give joy to sick kids this christmas – Starlight Childrens Foundation

My little bookcase

Volunteer for Christmas – The Smith Family

Volunteer at Christmas

Volunteering Queensland – Homeless Connect

Volunteer this Christmas 2017


A quick guide – When making enquiries or a booking

So, I am sure you have seen various posts by any number of people on how to approach an escort when making enquiries or a booking to see them and everyone has their different preferences, but i thought i would write a quick easy guide for myself.

Now i do actually offer a varied range of different services and for different prices and lengths of time so when you call me to discuss what your wanting to get up to there are a few questions ill ask to determine if we are a good fit or not and whether to go ahead or not. I will be honest i am quite direct on the phone and for some that can be a bit off putting but i find that i prefer to just be straight up when organising our time together, it stops any confusion and gives you a good understanding on what i do and dont offer.

I dont mind getting enquiries via text, email or phone call. Which ever you are comfortable with is fine. But when it comes to actually organising a booking i prefer to speak on the phone and occasionally via text message. But i always ask that firstly, you introduce your self and also let me know where you found my details so that i know how much information you know before calling as i advertise both online and in the paper.

I will always ask what kind of things your looking to get up to so i have an idea of what you like as i do offer a range of things, but also there are a few types of services i just dont offer. I dont do Porn Star Experiences or Girlfriend experiences and so if this is the type of things your looking for ill tell you about the services that i have that are similar but generally if you want either of these its not really my style of service.

I do highly encourage, especially if you find me online, that you check out my website prior to calling because it does tell you everything about what i offer and dont offer and how much it will cost you, which is the best way to determine if i am the sort of lady your looking for or not. But if you have decided to just call me, ill generally give you a basic overview of what i offer, then ask what sort of things your into and let you know which of my services might be right for you, or ill redirect you to my website if you cant decide to give you some chances to have a look through to help you decide.

After we have talked about what your into (and please dont answer with your into everything, because i can guarantee some of the things i suggest to that answer you may just not like the idea of) we can then talk about arranging some time together, now because over the next few months im touring extensively i will need to know what town your in to determine when we can spend time together. I do encourage that you book in advance with a deposit where possible as this makes things alot easier, especially for the trips that are only 2-3 days long and so my time will be limited in those places so always best to get in early.

So at the end of the day, some basic rules about making enquiries or arranging a booking

  • Please introduce yourself and include what town your located in
  • Let me know where you found my details.
  • Read my website before calling to arrange some time together
  • When asked, please tell me the type of things your looking to get up to, whether you just want to have sex or are interested in something kinky, please give me some idea of the things you enjoy so i can determine if we are a good match to have fun together.
  • Always be polite, and if what i offer isnt what your after please say hey, thanks for the information but i dont think your what im after, dont tell me you will call me later, it wont hurt my feelings if your just honest.
  • And if i dont offer what you want dont get rude or aggressive or question my choice. Just be polite say thanks for your time, and if you are polite ill more likely be happy to refer you to someone who offers what you want.
  • When we finally arrange some time together, please be prompt, and if your running late please just let me know




Touring Country NSW. Erotic Stories. BDSM & Fetish Fun,

So leading up to the end of the year i will be touring a number of places mainly regional New South Wales which i am really excited about. I will be beginning with a stop over in Sydney Tomorrow Saturday 11th November. Where i will be available in Surry Hills for the night before i begin the main parts of my tour.

I will be heading to some places i havent tried before such as Armidale and Maitland. But i will also be doing a trip to Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour which i am looking forward to as i enjoy visiting both places. And hopefully the weather ends up being great so i can get some beach time and get my tan for summer started.. Well heres hoping. I will be bringing a good friend along for the trip and it will be her first time in some of these places as well which i am excited about, i cant wait to show her around and hopefully it will be a good trip.

How i tour next year will be slightly different though. I am spending the whole month of January in Albany in Western Australia. Then i will spend all of February in Rockingham in Western Australia and then all of March i will be staying in Darwin instead of just visiting for a few days so, i am going to see how that turns out and if it goes well i might make it the way i tour in the future. I will also be relocating and moving to Rockingham WA next year so i can be closer to some of my good friends which is cool. Will get to hang out with them more often.

I have also decided to start offering Fly me to you packages where you can fly me to your town/city specifically to spend time with you if you have a set date in mind, though it will require a minimum 3 hour booking plus flights to you. But we can discuss and hash out these details together if it is something you would like to go ahead with.

My phone services have really started to kick off as well which i am enjoying as they are BDSM and fetish style services over the phone which are some of my favourite type of services so if this is something your into or want to try out check out my website here 

And also make sure you check out my erotic stories blog on that website as well and if your interested in reading some hot and steamy stories that i try to write on a regular basis let me know. I also take request for stories if there is a type you love to read. To gain access to these its a $100 lifetime fee.

So at the end of the day i am really looking forward to the next few months of touring i really cant wait to be honest i think its going to be alot of fun.

Have spiced things up a bit

So I have a been playing around a little with the services I offer, I have been changing them around, trying out new ones to find a good fit. So I will continue offering my usual Full service, Relaxation Service, BDSM and a range of fetish sort of services. But I have also decided to add a few new ones to the mix.

Firstly I am offering a range of phone and Skype services. My phone services are mainly focused on BDSM & Fetishes over the phone talking about your deepest and darkest desires and hopefully getting you excited over the phone, but that doesn’t mean the service is limited to just that. I am happy to do a range of different phone services and happy to take your requests so make sure you get in touch to discuss further. These services are great for those who want to have some fun before I arrive in your town or it could be you just want to have a little naughty fun over the phone.

I am also offering a BDSM email service as well which is great for those who want a mistress to take charge online before trying it out in real life and I would love to chat to you more about what can be involved in this service.

As some of you know I have also been offering a non sexual cuddle service for a number of years now and its slowly taking off which I am excited about. This service is for both men and women so its great for everyone really. There are so many health benefits to cuddling and some times its just nice to be held with no expectations. I have discussed the health benefits of my cuddle service on my website and on this blog so if you are interested in learning more and maybe giving it a try I cant wait to hear from you…

I also have a Erotic story blog that is password protected.. There is a $100 lifetime fee to gain access to this blog of stories. There are a range of different types of erotic stories which I will be posting on a regular basis and if you decide you want access I am always happy to take your suggestions and write ones to your liking. I could even write one specifically for you. They are very sexy and hot and definitely a turn on so it is recommended you check it out..

And last of all. I have decided to start doing a FinDom service as its something I have been asked about a few times and decided it would be something I would love to offer. There are a couple of terms and conditions to this one due to people wanting my time for free. So if you would like to go into a Findom arrangement a tribute will be required before there is any correspondence or texting regarding this and I will send you the details to make this tribute. I am finding I love having the control over submissive men and really showing them whos in charge.




Ill make a deal with you.

So, one of my requirements when touring is that advance bookings and deposits are essential for the tour to go ahead. Now those who properly read my website before getting in contact with me do the amazingly and i love and appreciate it.

But it seems there are alot of gents who look at the pretty pictures, skip any of the information provided and then calling me expecting im available then and there. But i advertise my tours in advance because i require advance bookings and deposits.

So i am going to make a deal with you all. If you take the time to read my website properly, check out my availability page to find out when i am visiting your town or city, check out my services and prices and then give me a call, and arrange a booking in advance and pay the required deposit i will give you an extra 20 to 30 minutes of my time on top of what you book.

I think this is a great deal, means you get a little extra time at no charge. It means you get to spend more time with me.

So, for those who have already made their advance bookings and deposits i will say i appreciate it alot and you will automatically get the extra time applied. But for those who are considering seeing me, if you can take the time to read my ads and website and read the dates im in town along with whats on offer and arrange some time together in advance i will reward you. On top of that it will make the time we spend together so much more fun for us both.

So i look forward to hearing from you soon

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