Ill make a deal with you.

So, one of my requirements when touring is that advance bookings and deposits are essential for the tour to go ahead. Now those who properly read my website before getting in contact with me do the amazingly and i love and appreciate it.

But it seems there are alot of gents who look at the pretty pictures, skip any of the information provided and then calling me expecting im available then and there. But i advertise my tours in advance because i require advance bookings and deposits.

So i am going to make a deal with you all. If you take the time to read my website properly, check out my availability page to find out when i am visiting your town or city, check out my services and prices and then give me a call, and arrange a booking in advance and pay the required deposit i will give you an extra 20 to 30 minutes of my time on top of what you book.

I think this is a great deal, means you get a little extra time at no charge. It means you get to spend more time with me.

So, for those who have already made their advance bookings and deposits i will say i appreciate it alot and you will automatically get the extra time applied. But for those who are considering seeing me, if you can take the time to read my ads and website and read the dates im in town along with whats on offer and arrange some time together in advance i will reward you. On top of that it will make the time we spend together so much more fun for us both.

So i look forward to hearing from you soon

Calling after I have left town

As a touring escort, when I visit somewhere I always include the dates I am visiting in my advertising – on my website, in my various ads and in the paper. The reason for this is that these are the dates I am available in town. So calling me after I have left town and asking me if you can come see me, tells me you haven’t taken the time to properly read my ad or website properly.

I do understand about getting excited about a ladies photos and just wanting to call so you can see her or getting excited about something you see in her ad. I do understand. But by taking a moment to read the ad before contacting her can be important. The reason for this is depending on where you found her details she will generally have included some important information for you to read – This can include – Dates she is available, her working hours, where she is located, what the rates and services are, maybe even her website. As a touring escort I feel its important that you check this information out before getting in contact and the reason being is that it is to ensure that she offers what your after, that she is in your price range, that she is available when you actually want to see her. It ensures that you don’t miss out on seeing her.

By reading her advertising properly when you call you are fully informed and also I guarantee that if you read all the information presented before calling the escort will be able to tell this and I guarantee that it will make the whole process a lot smoother and a lot of fun for both of you, because trust me, we can tell when you have taken the time to read our ads and websites and It really does make a huge difference in how the interaction prior to meeting goes.

Personally I include a lot of information on my website to answer as many of your questions as possible and this is for a few different reasons. Its so you know exactly when I am available, its so you know exactly what I am offering and for how much, its so you can properly see how I look, and the fact that I am generally a direct sort of person and I prefer to be direct in my interactions as I feel it can help us be on the same page.

It is really important to take note of things such as her availability and working hours, especially when she is on tour, because when tour dates are listed they are the dates she is in town. If she decides to extend her stay, trust me her tour dates will definitely reflect that so calling the days after, generally you will most likely be disappointed and that’s why if she has specific dates listed its best to get in contact then.

I usually recommend to clients to sign up for my newsletter as if you miss out on seeing me while I am in town, if you sign up to my newsletter you will be emailed when I have put up tour dates or when I am coming to your town.


So all I ask is that before calling the escort of your choice take a few minutes to read all the information they have provided to ensure you don’t miss out and that you get to spend quality time with the escort of your choice and if you read this information first I promise that it will make a massive difference.

Recent News & New Photos

So I have been busy over the last few weeks on tour, and I have a busy few weeks ahead tour wise. I am heading to some familiar places and some new places along the way which is exciting so hopefully I can see some lovely people along the way.

I also have posted up some of my new photos which I am really happy about, I am really pleased with how they turned out and hopefully you enjoy them as well. I was certainly impressed with the photographer I used. I haven’t posted all of the photos she took for me, but they will slowly be used on Twitter so feel free to check them out there as well.

I have also made a few small changed to my pricing structure and have put all the info about my cuddle sessions as well as my phone sessions and erotic stories up on my website, if you want to know more about them click here.

I will be heading to Brisbane in September but my availability will be severely limited, as in I will only be taking a few bookings over that weekend as I am heading to a charity ball I attend each year and have for the last 10 years or so. Its one of my favourite charity balls to attend, though I do go to a few each year for the charities I am a big supporter of. So I will also post photos up on twitter of me full dressed up to the nines for everyone to see!!

As always with my tours, I do highly encourage deposits for advance bookings as this means you get first choice of booking times and you don’t miss out while I am in town.

I have been spending a lot of time on the Gold Coast recently to spend time with my family and just have some quiet time between tours as I need a bit of R&R time sometimes.



Some new services on offer

So I have 2 new services I have decided to start offering to people and thought I would tell you a little more about them.

The first is a BDSM / Fetish over the phone or email service. This is a service that can be done either via phone, text or email. It is for those guys who are interested in my fetish and bdsm packages I have available but are unable to attend a physical session with me, whether its because im not currently in your town or city, or you are unable to spend time with me when I visit but you would still like to be able to discuss your deepest darkest fantasies, fetishes and aspects of bdsm. So I am offering a range of over the phone and email services that cater to this. What will happen is you make payment into my ANZ business account we then arrange a suitable time for both of us and we can conduct the service via which ever method suits you – Phone call, Text Message or email. Depending on how long you want each session to go for or how many emails you want to send will depend on the price and you can find that information here.


I am also offering a range of erotic stories – click here for information – You can sign up for my blog posts for a lifetime fee of $100 where I will write and post a range of different erotic stories ranging from vanilla through to BDSM & Fetish stories. I am very happy to take requests for the sort of stories you want to read. For access to these stories you will require a password to access the blog. Payment can be taken a variety of ways, just get in contact with me if your interested in receiving these stories.


So if you are interested in either of the above new services I have available please either email me on or text me on 0406 296 191 and we can discuss it in further detail. I look forward to hearing from you soon .

Photoshoot and New Tours

So, I got some amazing new photos done last week which I am really excited about, I have checked out the proofs and they are seriously amazing. I will be putting them up on my website in the next week or two and I really think that everyone is going to absolutely love them. I cant wait to show them off. I may release a few via twitter prior to putting them on my website. You will have to keep an eye out.

So far I have some tour dates listed on my website so if you are in the towns listed make sure you check out my availability and get your advance bookings and deposits in to secure some time together. I am heading to Darwin, which is a town I haven’t toured before so I am really looking forward to seeing how it goes. I have been to Darwin to visit friends a number of times and have always had a blast when I have visited so I hope its the same this time around.

For the month of June and July I will be visiting a number of places in Western Australia such as – Albany, Margaret River, Geraldton, Karratha, Kununurra, Port Headland and possibly Broome which I will be posting confirmed dates for on the 5th June so make sure you keep an eye out for them, and again advance bookings and deposits will be required.

Once the above tours have been completed I will finally decide which town I want to end up relocating to, because as much as I love Townsville I think its time to have a change in scenery and move somewhere else, I do have a few places in mind, though at the moment it could potentially be either Rockingham in Western Australia or it could end up being somewhere on the south coast of Sydney so I will have to see where I end up. I can never predict these things as I like to move cities every couple of years and I usually just see where the wind takes me!!!

I am looking at some new places in NSW to go on tour that I haven’t tried before but I will decide on those in August and September, so I am always open to some great suggestions, make sure you email me if you have a request as I am always open to ideas.

So make sure you check out my touring page, and give me a call if you want to spend some quality time together and I cant wait to check out some new places I haven’t toured before.

Yes… No…. Maybe – Things I choose not to offer

There are a range of services I get calls about. I am open to a range of different things, and open to doing things that aren’t listed on my list of services. But there are a few that I just choose not to offer for various reasons. There are a couple of  main ones I get asked for that I just refuse to do, they aren’t common requests, but I get enough calls to warrant making it clear that I choose not to do them.

  • The first I get a number of calls about is a threesome with 2 male friends who are looking to do this with me.
    •  – This is a service I choose not to do because I prefer one on one sessions with my client. In my personal life this is something I have tried out, and honestly I can say I really didn’t enjoy the experiences, (and yes there were more then one) and so I can honestly say that doing it with 2 strangers isn’t something I really wish to do. Sorry…….
  • Couple bookings, especially couples hoping I am bisexual
    • Now with couple bookings, I personally choose not to offer them, firstly because I am not bisexual. I am very straight so I prefer to refer you to ladies who are bisexual so that you can get a genuine experience, and the fact is I just feel I cant provide a genuine and enjoyable couples experience. And I also am not a fan of being watched, It makes me feel self conscious which then affects the service im providing, so if you are seeking a couples booking I am happy to refer you to people who love to provide them rather then being the provider.
  • A variety of services without condoms.
    • And lastly being asked to provide services with condoms. I do make it clear throughout my website including doing a few blog posts on why I choose not to provide services without condoms. And telling me that you are clean, have been tested recently or claim I would be the only person you do this with isn’t going to convince me to provide these services to you.. I am sure there are escorts out there who do, and that’s their choice, theres no judgement here its just that for myself personally its not something I choose to do, so please I ask that you respect that I am allowed to have that choice.
  • Greek on me
    • This is a service that I used to provide, but these days I choose not to, partly because I have had enough bad experiences that I just cant get into it enough to want to provide it, but also because unless I have seen you a few times before and feel really comfortable with you, its something I cant get relaxed enough to do with someone I have just met, I tense up and then it just becomes painful and that isn’t fun for anyone. So for the time being its just off the list. If I find myself comfortable enough with you to provide it, I may consider it, but it would come at an extra cost. But please respect my choice to say no.
  • Kissing – French kissing or any kissing on the mouth
    • Sorry to disappoint, but I don’t offer an actual GFE type service, yes I do full service and would like to offer you a variety of sexual services. But for me, Kissing on the mouth is just something I don’t feel comfortable offering. Outside of my professional escort services I do have a personal sex life with lovers, boyfriends, casual sexual partners etc. And so there are a few things, including kissing that I prefer only to do with those in my personal sex life. There are times where I have tried offering to clients things I only do with personal sexual partners outside my escorting and I have found it to affect the quality of my personal sex life which for me is not something I like to compromise on. So I have made the choice that there are just some things that are off limits to my clients… Kissing is one of those things that sorry. So if your looking for a true GFE that involves kissing my service isn’t for you as it isn’t what I offer. Obviously if you want to kiss anywhere on my body that is more then welcome, its just on the mouth that I choose not to have on offer.
  • Lastly, please stop asking me to squirt
    • Squirting isn’t something I can generally do on command, and its something that really rarely happens for me as it is. So it just isn’t on the list of things I am happy to provide or even attempt to try. So please understand when I refuse to provide this. Some can provide it on cue and I am sure there are ladies out there who offer it, but sorry I cant help there.

Now, I am always open to your requests, I am happy to try a variety of things with you, if I haven’t tried them before please chat to me on the phone about what your after and if I haven’t tried it, I will let you know but if your happy to play together and give it a shot I am always open to that. I will always do a little research before our session to make sure I do it properly but it is always fun to experiment.

All I ask is that if I say no to providing a service, please just respect that I choose not to offer it. I may be a sex worker but I am not required to provide anything I am not comfortable with. If I don’t offer what you want to get up to there will always be someone out there who will be happy to do those things with you. For some services I can recommend someone for you others, well not so much but will do my best to help you out. I do have an extensive range of things I offer but I cant cater to absolutely everyone I guess…. Ultimately I am open to suggestions or things you might want to try. But sometimes I do just have to say no. I don’t like to have to explain myself though. If I say I don’t provide it, that should be the end of the discussion.

But on a positive note, there are a number of things I would love to try out with clients that I haven’t so who knows maybe one day they will happen, but I cant give away all my secrets yet, Its always fun to leave with a little mystery. Who knows maybe you will be that gentleman who requests those things……………


BDSM/Fetish Play

Services and Prices


Just Me.. Well a bit of an insight to me… For the moment

As you may notice a lot of my posts are about things such as decriminalisation and things to do with sex work or even talking about boundaries and paying deposits and all that fun stuff which I think is important. But I think the occasional insightful post about me as a person and as an escort can be just as important.

Ill be honest, I don’t spend all day sitting around doing nothing while waiting for my phone to ring. It just doesn’t happen. Yes I will make myself available to take your calls and texts but honestly there is so much more to me then that. I am constantly looking for new books to get my hands on and read. I mean if I had to choose my most favourite thing to do in my spare time, it would be to get totally wrapped up in a really awesome book. I have a number of favourite authors who I just love to read. Margaret George actually wrote one of my most well read book – Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles. I have read it so many times that I have been through a number of copies of it. I am also a huge fan of Matthew Rielly. I find his books hard to put down, its just go go go with them. Lots of action and excitement. Some of my other favourite authors include – Jeffery Archer, Sophie Kinsella, Tess Geritson, and David Eddings. To be honest I could talk for days about my favourite books and I am one who will read them over and over again until they are practically falling apart at the spine. Its so much better then watching a movie. Well at least in my opinion.

Since the day I left my parents home to go out in the world I have always tried to live as close to the ocean as I can, except for that one time I lived in Canberra, But trust me I got out of there as quickly as I could I didn’t stay for all that long. LOL. I love being on the water or swimming at the beach, the smell of the ocean has a calming effect on me. Its relaxing, peaceful, and just the best place to spend your free time. I guess that comes with being an Aquarian. I have spent years working on the ocean before becoming an escort and plan to do it again in the near future. Its the best place to be.

I also love doing volunteer work and fundraising for organisations that are important to me especially within the veteran community as well as in Mental Health and with kids. Im a firm believer that when it comes to doing volunteer work its best to do it at places that are close to your heart and are important to you because it requires love and passion to really fully enjoy and appreciate volunteering and what it can do within the community. If you ever want to support some great organisations Mates4Mates, The Womens Centre (in Townsville), The Smith Family (sponsoring a child to be able to attend school), Headspace and RDA (riding for disabled) are some great organisations that do good things for people in the community.

Before I became an escort my life had its ups and downs, had seen the world, met people from all over the world, and my life as it was, was pretty good. But sometimes things happen in life that you cant change and because of that I had to find something else to do with my life that suited my needs in a variety of ways such as being more flexible, and something I could work around both my physical and mental health needs and that’s how I got into this industry. But I really don’t plan to be here forever, I have other plans, other goals, other things I want to have happen in my life and I am working on it. Its a work in progress and I think that while I have been around for a while, it will be time to leave and move on to new and different things. What those are well, who knows it could be a number of things, I have a few things im sorting out and a few plans in place that will take time to implement.

To be honest my interests are simple. The things that make me happy are simple. I love books, Being by the ocean, Sailing, Travelling, Helping other people, and just leading my life in ways to suit me. It may not seem exciting to some but its what works for me. Occasionally I will love to buy those sexy pair of shoes ill never be able to wear comfortably, or maybe trying something outrageous like skydiving (which I have only done twice and don’t intend on doing again). But honestly I like to keep things simple.

I will be honest in my younger days I was a bit of a wild child, I got into all kinds of trouble, had parties and went to parties (no drugs sorry), did some pretty crazy things, played pranks on my friends (funny stories for another time), and honestly the stories could fill a book. And sometimes I miss those days I was a different person and had a blast and will always have fond memories and possibly even photo and video proof (but we wont discuss that haha) But those days don’t happen much these days… Except maybe once in a blue moon when I am together with some special friends and possibly on holidays like a proper holiday. But these stories are for another day…. Maybe when i old and grey lol.


So theres a bit of an insight to me without sharing all my secrets lol. Cant give it all away. I had a long life before escorting that was pretty exciting, stressful, filled with pain and joy, and certainly a life changer but I have also had a great life since then, filled with life lessons, interesting people, and an insight to myself I didn’t have previously.


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