A Kinky new service i have added

So as many of you might know i offer a range of relaxation and full service, services right? Along with a couple of fetish and BDSM Packages which i have been offering for quite some time now and honestly i like all the new additions to my service packages. I have some phone and online services these days as well, And i have begun writing an erotic story blog which has a membership fee to be able to read them. And while i love doing these services i have decided there was something slightly missing.

Quite often i get asked about combining a number of my fetish packages with a full service type package so the other day i decided i would create what i called a Tailored Kinky Full Service. Now what this service is is a standard type full service package with your choice of fetishes that can be incorporated into this service. There isnt a limit on the fetishes you can include it is completely up to you which ones you want.

The minimum booking time is 45 minutes and i will accept up to a 4 hour long appointment for this particular service depending on what you want to get up to. It is going to be tailored completely to you. To your desires and fetishes and fantasies. So we can really have alot of fun with it and i cant wait to start seeing people choose this service.

It is designed for those who love to explore their kinky side but can incorporate mutual oral and sex and alot of touching to the mix to satisfy all your needs and make it a fun and interesting experience for us both. I am always open to hearing from you and discussing how we can tailor it to suit your wants and needs and really have some fun with it. So if you would like to know more click here, or give me a call and we can arrange to meet up soon and enjoy ourselves as much as possible

And last of all make sure you check out my availability page to find out when ill be in your town so we can organise something very soon


So many changes, Roadtrip & Having fun

So a few weeks ago while i was in Bathurst i recieved a call that destroyed my world as i knew it. I would prefer not to mention what the call was about as its deeply personal and i am still processing and coming to terms with the news i got on that day. But because of it i had to replan, regroup and reorganise the dates of all my tours until the end of May.

So i have now got a new tour schedule up on my website right up until mid July, though there are a few spaces in the schedule that i havent filled yet as i have some plans for those dates and need to decide if i am going to be touring anywhere or not. So i will let you know when i know.

Something i want to rehash again on this post is that for many of my tours you will see me talk about how advance bookings with deposits are necessary. Now the reason for this is that if i dont get any interest, or advance bookings prior to my arrival i will most likely just cancel the tour and the reason for this is, to go on tour can get very expensive and if i havent gotten any interest for a certain place then chances are when i arrive i am not going to get enough calls or bookings to make the visit worthwhile. So i now ask that those who wish to spend some time with me, need to get in contact and make their advance bookings with deposits. This ensures that the tour goes ahead as planned and it also ensures that we can spend some fun quality time together when i visit. As encouragement to make an advance booking with deposit, if you book 45 minutes or longer and pay your deposit i will add between 15 and 30 minutes extra onto the booking time so you can get some extra time with me at no extra cost, so you do get some added benefits to making your advance booking with deposit and it also means the tour will proceed which is a good thing as well dont you think ?

Something that many gents dont understand is, that when we go on tour each place we visit it can cost between $500 and $1200 minimum before we have even started seeing anyone. This includes organising accomodation, Flights or transport to the town or city, Ubers / Taxi fares, food for meals, grooming, supplies, even the extra cost of luggage to make sure that we bring everything needed to make sure your time with us is awesome, then theres the cost of advertising including both online and in the paper advertising so you know we are visiting. So when you pay a deposit for an advance booking it really helps us to get super excited to spend time with you because it shows us how genuine you are and that you want to see us as much as we want to see you.

So please, when you see your favourite escort is coming to visit your town show them how much you want to see them and organise a booking with deposit prior to their arrival in town and you will find they will be super excited to see you when they get to town. I know some may be concerned about things such as discretion and privacy and some may be concerned about their chosen escort taking the deposit and not following through on the booking. But these days there are so many ways to make a deposit that protect your privacy and ensure discretion.


So check out when ill be visiting your town and i hope we can arrange some fun together

Making the most of your time with you chosen escort

So, as many of you may know i have been travelling extensively for quite a few months. And it has been a challenging and fun experience and i plan to continue this for at least a while. But i want to talk about something i have come to notice alot while doing this. A common theme i notice is that i get alot of calls from gentlemen who take a look at the photos on the profile and go straight to finding the phone number to call and arrange something without first reading though their chosen escorts profile.

Now i understand that you may get all hot and heavy over the photos your chosen escorts have on their profiles and maybe you get a little or even alot excited, i do understand that happens. But what your missing out on is discovering what they offer, how much they charge for their time, their availability, checking whether they are touring your town or city (and if they are touring what dates they are available), and information they may provide on how they prefer you make a booking, if they require deposits and all that kind of thing.

The reason it is really important that you read their profiles and / or websites is that by doing so you can have as much information as possible prior to calling. It helps you determine if they offer what kind of things you want to get up to, it ensures that you know if you can afford to spend what they charge for their time. It makes sure you can find out if they would be a good fit for what your looking for and it also makes sure that you follow their preferred booking procedure as every escort has a different way of operating.

By taking the time to check through your preferred escorts profiles and websites it means that you have a better chance of having a fantastic time with the escort you have chosen. It makes sure that you can pick one that offers the things you love to do. It just helps to ensure you pick the right escort for you and that its a good match.

I make sure i have all my tour dates listed, and i make sure i include information about my expectations on receiving deposits prior to my arrival in town. The point of getting these advance bookings and deposits is to make sure that first of all you dont miss out on getting to see me because many times i am only in town for a few days and also it means you get to have first pick of the time we spend together. But it also means you genuinely want to spend some quality time together which helps me decide if there is enough interest to justify going ahead with the tour.

But because i tour constantly, its really important that you take the time to check the dates listed on my profile or website before calling, because recently i have been getting calls for places im not visiting until April asking to see me today when its a few weeks before i get to town. So to ensure you dont end up disappointed its a really good idea to double check tour dates as this ensures you dont miss out on seeing me while in town, because its not fun missing out on quality fun times together.

It really is a great idea to read through all the information provided on your chosen escorts profile before calling them because ultimately i guarantee that they will find it really sexy and awesome and it makes seeing you really fun and exciting because it shows us that you have taken some time to get to know a bit about us and what we love to offer and it shows you want it to be as fun as we want it to be for you.

I want you to have the best time possible when we are together and the best way to make sure that happens is to read my profile and website before calling me. And guess what? Those who make advance bookings with deposits promptly and without having to be asked, i like to reward in a variety of ways, but also a little secret? It makes me super excited to see you when we meet. I love it when my gentlemen callers do this, i get excited in a number of different ways when this happens.

The Girlfriend Experience, Touring & Changing Focus

So there are a few topics i feel i want to talk about at the moment and hopefully this blog will answer some of your questions. And hopefully put us all on the same page. Over the last few months i have been travelling alot around Australia and there are a number of reasons why i have been doing that. Partly to just enjoy the travelling and trying out different places and experience new places. But its also because i am looking to relocated and its a good opportunity to check out different places to decide where i want to live as there are so many great country coastal towns in this country and thats the kind of setting i want to live in. So let me tell you about some of the topics i want to cover

  • The GIrlfriend experience and why i choose not to offer this
  • The increasing requests for services without condoms – Which i do not provide.
  • The move into doing less full service and focusing more on my fetish work
  • The lack of reading both my advertising and website before contacting me to arrange some time together.
  • The importance of why deposits are becoming something i am insisting on when touring.

The Girlfriend Experience 

I have never actually provided this service in the past and i dont intent on doing so in the future. There are a number of reasons why i dont offer it, The reasons why is because i find that what people define this service to be doesnt suit the sort of person i am, There are aspects of whats generally included in it that i really prefer not to provide, mainly kissing. I find that in terms of the sexual activities i enjoy doing with my gentlemen clients is different to what i enjoy doing with my long term lovers outside of work.

So when it comes to the services i provide as an escort i only like to offer the things i find enjoyable with my gentlemen clients. Why you may ask.. Because i find it difficult to pretend enjoyment. So i prefer to offer things that i can really get into and find sexy with my gentlemen clients.

This is the main reason why i choose not to offer a girlfriend experience, because at the end of the day there are many providers out there who offer this and love to offer it, and while technically it could be good for business as they say to offer it, i would have to pretend i am really into it and well i am just not good at doing that.

So if your looking for that girlfriend experience thats all inclusive, i am happy to refer you to someone who offers this, or check out the other providers online, and see if there is someone out there who offers what it and give them a call.


Natural Services – Services without condoms

Now something i have gotten alot of recently, is requests for both full service as well as oral sex on you with out a condom, now something i try to make clear on my website and i have even written a few blog posts about, is the fact that i do not offer any kind of service with out a condom. There are a few reasons for making the choice not to offer these services. For me, doing any kind of sexual service without a condom isnt something i wish to offer. I like to practise safer sex. I do understand there are providers out there who choose to forgo condoms for various things and that is their choice, but it isnt something i choose to do, and all i ask is that you respect that choice, and if i say no to providing oral sex without a condom all i ask is that you dont try to push me to forgo the condoms.


Focus on Fetish services

Over the next few months i will be creating some new fetish packages to add to my list of fetish services, and i will begin to really start marketing these services as i am finding that i am really getting into them, i am loving the variety that comes with providing them, and while i will continue to offer full service i really plan to make these my forte, and hopefully be able to offer them much more regularly, and hopefully over time they will become my main services. I find them fun and i love exploring these with the gentlemen i spend time with and i am getting more and more requests for them which is very exciting for me. So i definitely encourage you to tell me more about your fantasies and kinks and fetishes as i want to be able to explore and enjoy these with you on a more regular basis.


Reading my advertising and the importance of deposits. 

So something i think is really important for you to understand is the importance of reading a providers advertising and if they have a website, make sure you check it out and read it prior to contacting the provider you wish to see, that includes my advertising and website. Now the reason i want to bring up this point is generally speaking, at least for myself, 95% of the questions i get asked can be found on either my advertising or my website and by taking the time to read it before calling means you have a good idea of what i am offering, what my prices are for various things, and it can give you a bit of a feel of who i am, what i am like and even get a good sense of what i look like, which means when it comes to arranging a time to meet and enjoy each others company, the process moves alot smoother and it gives you a really good idea on if i am the right person to suit your needs.

I also talk alot about making deposits prior to my tours. Places such as – Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast its very important to make these advance bookings and deposits, the reason for this is that my tours to these places will not go ahead if i dont get these advance bookings and deposits. Touring can be very expensive, and while i get lots of expressions of interest prior to coming to town,

The issue is getting follow through once i arrive. So i have decided, especially for major cities that advance bookings and deposits are necessary firstly to make sure the tour goes ahead, it also ensures that you dont miss out on spending time with me as my visits to these places are generally only for 2-3 days each time so my availability is limited. So please understand that for these visits to go ahead that you get your advance bookings in nice and early.

So, its my birthday in a few days

So, on the 31st of January its my birthday and honestly this year i really dont plan on really doing all that much for it because i just dont feel like it to be honest. Some years i like to make a big thing of it but this year i plan on just heading to the beach, having some seafood for lunch and thats about it.

But, for those around me who keep asking what i would like to get for my birthday, or what i feel like getting up to, i am encouraging them to firstly instead of getting me a present to make a donation to Mates 4 Mates which is an organisation that is there to help our military veterans and their families and they have some really great programs to help our veterans out. I think it is a really awesome organisation that is important to me and i know how much great work they do. So if you are interested in doing something special for me for my birthday, i ask that you donate something to them to help them to continue to give veterans the support they need.

Otherwise, when ever i am in a new town on tour i find out about various womens and youth shelters in that location and give them a call to find out what kind of donations they need such as tea, coffee, sanitary and hygiene products, clothing, blankets, non perishable foods, stuff like that and i gather together a box of these items and organise to drop them off, and i encourage all my friends and clients to do something similar. Or even find out about local food banks, kitchens, or other places you can donate some of your time to volunteer or even make some form of donation. It doesnt have to be a regular donation even just a one off would be great. Because to me i think if we can all do something good or kind for others then its one step towards making this world a better place. For me this is something i appreciate much more then getting me a gift for my birthday.

I would of course be available to see people on my birthday so if you want to come have some naughty fun together, please feel free to go through my website and give me a call to arrange something, but in terms of gifts or celebrations this year the above things are something i would appreciate and be grateful for much more. There are so many ways we can help others out and doing something even if its just a small thing can make a huge difference in someone elses life.



4 months of touring then relocation for me

I have decided to tour consistently until the end of April. There are a few reasons for this. Its so i can have some time visiting places i have been to many times as well as visit some new places. Its so i can spend some time with some lovely gents while at the time enjoying the visits to some of my favourite towns and have a bit of an explore and see some old friends. Its also because i have decided where i am going to make my home base and once i move there i will only be touring about 1 week a month due to other projects i have got in the works.

As you may know i offer a range of fetish sessions as well as my standard escort services and i am currently in the process of getting things in order to set up a Nursery in my home for Adult Baby / Caregiver sessions which i am excited about as i want to start focusing more on my fetish and alternative sessions as i generally find them fun and interesting and they spice things up alot. Its taken me a while to come to this decision, but i have decided thats what i really want to start focusing on in the future.

I am finding in regards to my full service type services more and more people are wanting more of a girlfriend experience which isnt really what i offer in general. It doesnt suit my personality type and i just find it isnt a good fit for me, While i may enjoy doing my full service sessions, there are aspects of the whole GFE thing that i just dont want to offer because it isnt my thing. I am not a fan of offering kissing and all the affection and intimacy that comes with it. And i do understand why so many guys prefer that kind of service, i really do. But i prefer a full service with some kink added as i find it alot more fun and its great to introduce some kinkiness into the mix. And so that tends to be my style more then GFE.

I know a few ladies around Australia who offer the whole GFE session and if thats something that interests you, i am happy to send you to them so that you can get the experience youre seeking. But if your looking for some fun sex meshed with a side of kink then i would love to explore this with you.

Especially for my fetish / kink / bdsm sessions i am really focusing on doing extended sessions of 2 – 4 hours long, as i think this really gives us a good amount of time to really have some good times and try a few different things out together. While i have a number of types of sessions listed on my site, i am always open to your ideas and creating a package that suits us both, so if there is something you want to try but dont see it listed, dont hesitate to call me and discuss your fantasies as i will let you know if its something i can help you with or not. I will be upfront, my BDSM Session is a session where i am the top / Mistress. But i am not a traditional mistress, my session is more about exploring BDSM with someone who will take charge, but its casual and flows depending on how we both feel, and its focus is more about just exploring and trying new things out together. If you want a traditional Mistress session i am happy to also refer you to some great mistresses, if my approach doesnt suit your needs.

And lastly, i will really be pushing the advance notice bookings with deposits this year, as my touring will really be toned down after April, so my time on tours will be limited and fill up quickly, so to make sure it goes ahead and you dont miss out it is best to get in nice and early.

So if you are in Northern NSW, keep an eye out for exactly where i will be moving to, as i have decided i wont be announcing that until i have organised my house and am ready to start seeing people. So as they say watch this space.

Its almost Christmas and the end of 2017

So, ill be honest i do love Christmas time. There are many different reasons why, its a time of year i can spend time with my friends and my family, its the time of year i start making my nans christmas fruit cake (which is secretly like the best christmas cake like ever) and in my family we have this tradition where we will buy 2 presents for each person in our family, one is a gift that person wants and the other is a silly and funny present which related to something funny that has happened in that year.

I have posted 2 end of year tours to Rockhampton and Canberra, though those will only go ahead if i get a minimum 5 advance bookings with deposits. So if your in either place i highly recommend getting in contact. I will also be available until the end of the year for fly me to you bookings which require a minimum 3 hour booking, so if you would like to see me before the end of the year make sure you give me a call.

Between the 24th and the 26th December and on the 31st of December i will be turning my phone off though as i wont be working or be available to answer the phone at all as i will be spending time with my family. And its been a few years since i have had a christmas with them so i am making the most of it.

I would love to hear about how and if you celebrate Christmas and what your plans for New years eve is. Hopefully most of you have some great and fun plans, but i also want you to take some time out and think about those who wont be spending time with their families at this time of year, in particular those who serve in our military. If you want to show your support you can organise to send them letters or care packages to show your support to them. You can also show some great support towards some organisations that are there to support our veteran. I am a big supporter of Mates4Mates and i would love you to support them too.

Also please take some time out to think about those who are less fortunate then you and there are some great ways you can help those out who have less then you. Whether its volunteering or even giving a gift to a child who wont get any this year at christmas and ill link some places you can check out and support.

JoySpreader Charity Gifts

Unicef give a gift

Give joy to sick kids this christmas – Starlight Childrens Foundation

My little bookcase

Volunteer for Christmas – The Smith Family

Volunteer at Christmas

Volunteering Queensland – Homeless Connect

Volunteer this Christmas 2017


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