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Perspectives and how they can change.

Just some things I have been considering. Its interesting on how your views and opinions can changed based on various things. You may form views and opinions based on things you read about or see around you then you come across someone who has first hand experience and it can blow your ideas right out

50 Shades of Grey…….Thoughts?

Reference – My Facebook Post I live across from the new cinemas in Townsville and it seems there is a mass crowd heading to see the 50 Shades of Grey movie. For myself, I read the novels wondering what all the fuss was about. And found myself quite disappointed on many levels by the books.

Terminology and the Sex Industry

Lets talk terminology, context and how language can either create stigma or help remove it. There are many words in society to describe sex workers. Prostitute,  hooker, whore, escort, working lady or man, sex worker. When we see or hear these words used they can bring up a range of images or ideas for different

Suggested Post about Respect & Stigma – Sex Workers & their Clients

I got an interesting email today from a nice guy, he spoke about enjoying my blog and what I had written. He made a suggestion to me, which I think is a good point to discuss. About respect given towards Sex Workers, and also the respect towards clients, along with the stigma that both experience

Sexual Health Education Class 101 – STIs, Condoms & Safe Sex

I have decided it is time for some sexual health education, as it seems many people are lacking some knowledge in this area. Whether you are seeing a sex worker or not, your sexual health is something you shouldn’t take lightly. I definitely take it seriously and I take your sexual health seriously. I want

Recent Discussions about Sex Workers both online and offline

Through various forums, in the media, social networks and other places we are seeing a range of people – Politicians, academics, feminists, general population, abolitionists, anti sex work groups and a range of others who are not sex workers themselves making comments, writing articles and blogs and whatnot about sex workers. We see them try

Why Escorting? What brought me to this decision?

I was thinking about this question today. Why did I get into this industry? Why have I stayed for as long as I have? Why has my approach to it all developed to what it has? How did I come to this decision?   I started escorting about 5-6 years ago now. Its been a

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