North Coast NSW Trip

So, I have been slowly making my way down the North Coast of New South Wales and there have been good and bad parts of the trip. So far i have been to Ballina, Port Macquarie and Taree and i will be heading to Nelson Bay tomorrow (Friday 20th October) I will have a chat

Visiting Country New South Wales

I have decided to do a nice month long tour of the north coast of New South Wales for the month of October. I plan to visit some places I have been to before as well as a few I haven’t been to previously. I am hoping there is some great weather along the way,

So, what does the future hold?

So, you may notice that I have listed quite a few places ill be touring, I have also listed some places I want to visit, but haven’t put dates for them yet. So make sure you sign up for my newsletter to be kept informed. So next week I am going for an interview for

Ill make a deal with you.

So, one of my requirements when touring is that advance bookings and deposits are essential for the tour to go ahead. Now those who properly read my website before getting in contact with me do the amazingly and i love and appreciate it. But it seems there are alot of gents who look at the

Calling after I have left town

As a touring escort, when I visit somewhere I always include the dates I am visiting in my advertising – on my website, in my various ads and in the paper. The reason for this is that these are the dates I am available in town. So calling me after I have left town and

Recent News & New Photos

So I have been busy over the last few weeks on tour, and I have a busy few weeks ahead tour wise. I am heading to some familiar places and some new places along the way which is exciting so hopefully I can see some lovely people along the way. I also have posted up

Going on tour this year

So, as you may notice I have listed a number of tours on my website. A few of them have not gone ahead as planned. You may be wondering why. The reason for this is I have made the decision that if I do no get enough interest before the actual dates I am no

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