South Coast Trip

So, im slowly working my way up the South Coast. I have started in Batemans Bay then i go off to Nowra and Wollongong. I have been coming to the South Coast for work for a few years, but prior to that i had been coming here for holidays since i was a child and

10 days left of 2016

I had only planned on being in Western Australia for a few days before I headed back to the East coast but because I have been having such a nice time I have ended up staying. I will be here until just after Christmas, and if you have had a chance you will see I

Tour, relaxing by the pool & New Photos

So, last night I got a friend to take some new photos which I have added to my website for your viewing. They are totally untouched and just a bit of fun by the pool, and it really is a refreshing pool to go swimming in. I have an offer of fun together and swim

Touring. New Places. Where to Visit.

I have been thinking today about the places I want to go to on tour. Do I want to try new places or go to the places I have been to quite regularly. And I have decided that maybe its time to try some new places. I have had a bit of a slow start

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