Contact and Booking Etiquette

Contact Etiquette

1. Please use good manners and respect as it will get you far,

2. I do not take bookings from Private or Blocked Numbers. I have an app on my phone that blocks these numbers, so if you are calling from a Private number I ask you to either send me a text or call from an Unblocked Number. This is for my security and to also help determine genuine enquiries. I am discreet and private and will not contact you on the number that shows up unless you ask me to.

3. If you ask for unprotected services you will be met with my refusal so please I ask that you don’t ask me to do so – Please check my links page to find out more about why I choose not to provide an unprotected service.

4. I appreciate as much notice in arranging our time together as possible.

5. I ask that you read my website before calling so that there are no surprises and you know what I am about. I don’t want you to be disappointed. If you have a request please don’t hesitate to ask if its something we can do together as I want our time together to be enjoyable.

6. And last of all – Lets have a great time together.


Booking Etiquette

1. I will always ask that you have a shower on arrival. We can do this together if it would make you feel at ease.

2. Please make sure you have brushed your teeth or at least use mouth wash prior to our booking.

3. I would like our time together to be enjoyable so if I ask you to be gentle or do something a particular way I ask that you respect my wishes, this is to guarantee that we have fun together.

4. Communication is important, so if there is something you want to try, or if you want me touching you in a certain way please make sure you let me know.

5. I will terminate the booking if – a) you try to cause me pain on purpose, b) show a complete lack of respect, c) try to take the condom and hope I don’t notice, d) attempt to do something we haven’t agreed on or discussed for example try to attempt to do greek if you haven’t paid for or even asked if its ok to go ahead with.

6. And last of all relax, as I say to people, I wont bite unless you ask me to I promise.