Lets talk about cancelling our time together.

So, you arrange to come and spend some time together. I begin to get ready, make sure my room is ready for your visit, have a shower and freshen up. It gets close to the time you are meant to be arriving so I await your call to get further directions to my place. The call doesn’t come, so I give you 5 to 10 minutes just in case you are caught in traffic, but you still haven’t shown up, so I call you to find out where you are and you either don’t answer my phone call or text, or you do answer and tell me you found someone at a cheaper rate, your busy or your just not showing up…

Can you imagine how irritating that would be? What about the fact that others may have called wanting to see me around the same time and I have said I am busy at that time because I was expecting you to show up? What about the fact I have spent time getting ready for your arrival? Can you imagine I might be peeved?

I understand you might get busy, I understand that something may come up, I understand that you might change your mind and that’s ok. But what is not ok is not texting or calling me to at least let me know, what is not ok is waiting until the time I am expecting you to cancel, what is not ok is refusing to answer my call or text if I am expecting you at a certain time.

So, if you are unable to make our appointment time, or if you change your mind as soon as you know please have the manners to at least send a short text explaining that you have been caught up an cant make it. Don’t wait until the time of our appointment to let me know, because honestly if you cant make the time you arranged, I am sure you know prior to the time you cant make it. It takes 2 seconds to send a text message apologising saying you are unable to attend and that you will contact me when it is suitable.

Please don’t make an arrangement to come see me at a set time if you aren’t 100% sure you can make that time, I am pretty flexible in terms of the required notice for a appointment. So if you aren’t 100% sure if you can make it at that time, don’t make a booking, call me 20 mins prior and ask for a booking with short notice, that way you don’t waste my time. And don’t have me calling you all irritated.

It is just good manners to understand that my time is valuable and I don’t appreciate being stuffed around. So when arranging to meet with me, please be 100% sure that you can make it at that time and if sometime comes up to let me know sooner rather then later because if you decide to wait until after the time we are meant to be meeting to cancel, I don’t generally give second chances, but if you have good manners to cancel prior to our meeting time I am always happy to reschedule. I know different escorts have different policies, but at the end of the day, good manners and consideration for the fact that my time is valuable we will have a good time.

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