Photoshoot and New Tours

So, I got some amazing new photos done last week which I am really excited about, I have checked out the proofs and they are seriously amazing. I will be putting them up on my website in the next week or two and I really think that everyone is going to absolutely love them. I cant wait to show them off. I may release a few via twitter prior to putting them on my website. You will have to keep an eye out.

So far I have some tour dates listed on my website so if you are in the towns listed make sure you check out my availability and get your advance bookings and deposits in to secure some time together. I am heading to Darwin, which is a town I haven’t toured before so I am really looking forward to seeing how it goes. I have been to Darwin to visit friends a number of times and have always had a blast when I have visited so I hope its the same this time around.

For the month of June and July I will be visiting a number of places in Western Australia such as – Albany, Margaret River, Geraldton, Karratha, Kununurra, Port Headland and possibly Broome which I will be posting confirmed dates for on the 5th June so make sure you keep an eye out for them, and again advance bookings and deposits will be required.

Once the above tours have been completed I will finally decide which town I want to end up relocating to, because as much as I love Townsville I think its time to have a change in scenery and move somewhere else, I do have a few places in mind, though at the moment it could potentially be either Rockingham in Western Australia or it could end up being somewhere on the south coast of Sydney so I will have to see where I end up. I can never predict these things as I like to move cities every couple of years and I usually just see where the wind takes me!!!

I am looking at some new places in NSW to go on tour that I haven’t tried before but I will decide on those in August and September, so I am always open to some great suggestions, make sure you email me if you have a request as I am always open to ideas.

So make sure you check out my touring page, and give me a call if you want to spend some quality time together and I cant wait to check out some new places I haven’t toured before.

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