Social Dates

I have a number of services that are more social time together rather then sexual time together. So if your just looking for someone to attend an event with you, or maybe you just want a lunch date, a tour guide or even just someone to explore with, I would love to arrange something with you. I also have a non sexual cuddle service if you would just like to have someone to cuddle with.

Please be aware that costs such as meals, tours, etc will be covered by yourself. If you also wish to add sexual services to these dates please call me to discuss a package option. As I am touring a lot this year, if you wish to book one of these services they will need to be booked in Advance and a deposit will be required. If you wish for me to travel specifically to you in your city or town please call me and I am sure we can arrange something suitable, maybe even add it to my tour schedule.

Social Dates

Looking for someone to attend an event with, or are you on business and want some company for lunch or dinner? Maybe someone to meet up with for coffee or a movie? There are so many fun things we can do together.
2 hours$350
Additional Hours$150


Exploring and/or Tour Guide

I have travelled Australia extensively and love exploring and checking out the local sites. Maybe you would like someone to join you on that day tour, or have some company exploring yourself. I would love to join you checking out the local sites and trying out various tours. I can even help you make plans for various tours. If you would like me to book various tours for us to do together I will require a deposit of the cost of the tour to arrange it for us in my business account.
2 Hours$300
Additional Hours$150

Netflix & Chill

Maybe you want someone to come hang out, watch some movies with popcorn or just chill out together and enjoy some laughs and a chat while we have a movie on.

I am happy to have you come to my hotel or apartment or I can travel to you and keep you company in your home or hotel. (Some locations may incur a small travel fee)
2 Hours$280
3 Hours$380
5 hours$580

Cuddles with Krissy

Would you like to know more about my non sexual cuddle service? Would you like to experience the benefits of a cuddle service? There are many health benefits to enjoying the power of touch without it leading to sex. Click here – To learn more about Cuddles with Krissy. It is a great way to develop and enjoy intimacy without it becoming sexual.