Road trip – Townsville to Port Macquarie – Expressions of Interest

So, from the 12th to the 24th of April, a fun BBW friend and i will be planning a road trip from Townsville to Port Macquarie. We are planning on making a few stops along the way in between and having some good times while doing such a long trip.

So some of the places we are considering stopping at are – Mackay, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Bundaberg, Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour and Kempsy. But we are open to suggestions.

Are you interested in spending time with myself, or even with 2 sexy bbw ladies? If you would like us to stop in, pass through your town, close off dates for expressions of interest will be the 29th March.

Once we have gotten some expressions of interest, i will start planning dates for each location and have them listed on my website by the 2nd of April. We will then also be in contact with you on the same date letting you know which dates we will be in your town. We will require advance bookings and deposits to be paid by the 9th of April into my ANZ business account if you want to make a booking and have us visit your town.

So if you are interested in expressing interest in having us stop in please send me an email at and please include the following information in the email if you wish to get a response back

Your Name…. What town or city your in…. Best Contact number and best time to contact you via phone… A little about yourself and what your interested in getting up to… and if your interested in seeing the 2 of us together (straight doubles only)


So i look forward to hearing from you very soon and hopefully we can have a fun and exciting trip down the coast.

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