So, what does the future hold?

So, you may notice that I have listed quite a few places ill be touring, I have also listed some places I want to visit, but haven’t put dates for them yet. So make sure you sign up for my newsletter to be kept informed.

So next week I am going for an interview for a new job. If that plays out how I really want it to, I will be reducing my availability by a lot and I will not be touring nearly as often, so it is best to make the most of my time while you can. I am hoping that if all pans out how I want to I will only being doing escorting on the odd occasion, though it will never be in the town where the job I get ends up being, mainly due to the nature of the jobs I like to take outside of escorting.

So if you would like to see me in your town, make sure you let me know so I can organise in advance, I am trying to get to all the places I have visited often as well as some new and interesting places

I do ask that you double check the dates ill be visiting your town, because when I have visited bigger cities, for example, Canberra, everyone is waiting until after I have left town to call me and try to arrange times to see me because they chose not to read my ad properly. Its really important you check the dates because they will be the only dates ill be in town, none of this staying extra days “just in case”

My 2 biggest pet peeves are guys not reading my ads or my website before calling me and waiting until after I have left town to call me to try and arrange a booking. So please check out all the pages on my site it should answer a majority of your questions about who I am, what I offer, and when ill be offering it.

Also let me remind you about checking out my other website – Krissy Smith – as it has my erotic stories blog as well as information about my phone services and cuddle services and I don’t want you to miss out on knowing about those.

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