Some new services on offer

So I have 2 new services I have decided to start offering to people and thought I would tell you a little more about them.

The first is a BDSM / Fetish over the phone or email service. This is a service that can be done either via phone, text or email. It is for those guys who are interested in my fetish and bdsm packages I have available but are unable to attend a physical session with me, whether its because im not currently in your town or city, or you are unable to spend time with me when I visit but you would still like to be able to discuss your deepest darkest fantasies, fetishes and aspects of bdsm. So I am offering a range of over the phone and email services that cater to this. What will happen is you make payment into my ANZ business account we then arrange a suitable time for both of us and we can conduct the service via which ever method suits you – Phone call, Text Message or email. Depending on how long you want each session to go for or how many emails you want to send will depend on the price and you can find that information here.


I am also offering an erotic story newsletter which I will send out up to 3 times a month. There will be a range of different types of erotic newsletters with a variety of different types of stories. Of course I always am willing to take requests but I will also send out erotic stories that I have in my imagination. Sometimes it will just be one story in the newsletter and other times there could be a few different stories in the same newsletter just depends on what inspiration hits me at the time. Now this service has a $50 lifetime membership fee. Once this is paid into my ANZ Business account you will either be sent a short link to click and subscribe on or you can let me know what your email address is and I will add it to my subscription list so I know who I am sending the stories to.


So if you are interested in either of the above new services I have available please either email me on or text me on 0406 296 191 and we can discuss it in further detail. I look forward to hearing from you soon .

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