Tour, relaxing by the pool & New Photos

So, last night I got a friend to take some new photos which I have added to my website for your viewing. They are totally untouched and just a bit of fun by the pool, and it really is a refreshing pool to go swimming in. I have an offer of fun together and swim together afterwards if your game and want to cool down after we have a good time together.

My time in Townsville is limited as I have decided to spend November and December going on tour and ill only be in Townsville 2 days a week staying somewhere near the city. So if you wish to spend some time with me before I go on tour, I am available until Wednesday 2nd November and I am happy to see you before I go away. I have put the start of my touring schedule up and as I go along I will keep it updated as I go. I am actually looking forward to visiting some new and old places and spending time with a variety of people along the way.

In January I plan to go on a massive overseas holiday and if you want to hear more about it ill be blogging and posting photos when I return home in time for my birthday at the end of January!! I will be heading to the US for about 3 weeks or so which I am really excited about as its been a long time since I have been there to visit so hopefully it will be a blast. I will be travelling to a few different cities while I am there, going to a friends wedding and catching up with some old and new friends and hopefully have an absolute blast!!

So far I have planned tours to Cairns, Sydney, Bundaberg and I will be adding other cities to that list as I go along so if you want to see me ether give me a call or even send me an email and maybe I can add your town to my tour schedule. Obviously a deposit will guarantee some time together.

So hopefully you enjoy my new photos and maybe take me up on the offer of a cooling swim after our time in the bedroom which could add some fun to our time together make it more interesting. And I look forward to your requests for towns to visits. For you lovely Townsville gents make sure you get in early before I head off as I don’t want to miss out on seeing you before I go.





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