Visiting Country New South Wales

I have decided to do a nice month long tour of the north coast of New South Wales for the month of October. I plan to visit some places I have been to before as well as a few I haven’t been to previously.
I am hoping there is some great weather along the way, so I can get some beach time in as well as being able to explore while I am passing through. I am looking forward to seeing some new and old friends and having some good times while I am in town.

I haven’t done this sort of trip since this time last year when I did it with a friend but I think at least this time I will be there mainly on the outside of school holidays which is probably the best way to go about doing this trip.

Some of the places I am planning to visit are Ballina, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Taree, Bathurst, Newcastle and of course Goulburn there will probably be some stops along the way at a few other places I will see how it turns out. But I am excited about it all.

Seeing the job I had applied for in Brisbane didn’t pan out as planned I will be looking at a few places along the way for work and potentially looking at rentals, so who knows where ill end up but I am looking for work and a new place to end up living before the end of the year, so will see which place speaks to me.

I am in need of scaling back my escorting work and only doing it part time while looking at other opportunities that suit me and that I can really enjoy.

Also I have just added a new service today to my list of services so make sure you check it out, its a Fly me to you package where if you specifically want to see me in your town or city we can arrange for you to fly me to see you and have some fun for a few hours, so make sure you check it out on my services page, and who knows we could potentially have some fun times together that way, as I am just one person so this is a good way to get me to your town and spending a few hours with you.


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