Web Design & Mentoring Packages

Mentoring Packages

I offer a range of mentoring packages focusing mainly on touring around Australia in Regional towns and cities. These mentoring packages are designed to help those who want to tour in regional places but dont know where to start, which places are good to visit, where to advertise, where to stay and for how long. They are designed to make sure you get the most out of your touring experience, especially if your experience is either limited or if you have only ever toured major cities. The mentoring is designed to help you pick a range of places to tour, to help you really make each of these locations work for you and really make it your own. These packages are really geared towards escorts who have been working for a little while and have at least begun to build their brand. Know what they like to offer and at what prices.

Whats included in the mentoring 

  • 1 hour phone call each week, if you wish. To answer any questions you have, to have a discussion about what you want to get out of touring, and how often you want to do them
  • A document listing the following – Town/City, Workable Hotels, Best advertising including how to put an ad in the local paper, best days to visit that town or city, how long is best to stay and the best ways to get to that town whether its by plane, train, bus or car
  • Availability via email or facebook to answer any ongoing question you have, to discuss ideas you have and just be there to support you.


14 days – $240

28 Days – $400

42 Days – $500


Webdesign Packages 

I am also available to build you a nice website that is easy for you to maintain and make changes to yourself at any point. I would build it, get hosting up and running for you and give you the details to access your hosting account as well as the log in to make changes to your website such as adding tours etc so that once its up and running the only thing you have to do is add things like tours or photos etc

$400 – Website design + 1 years hosting setup as well as the purchase of a domain name of your choice with domain privacy protection

$600 – Website Design + 2 years hosting setup as well as purchase of your domain for 2 years including domain privacy protection


Photography Packages

I am happy to do a photoshoot session with you taking as many photos as possible for you to choose from, then going through all the photos taken to decide which raw images you like and doing editing of them with light retouching as necessary. You can do as many outfit changes as you like and you will be given up to 100 lightly edited images. I can show you examples of my work as well. While i will do my best to help you with posing, it is best that you come to the shoot with an idea of the direction you want it to go in as i am not a professional photographer, this package is for those who arent ready to commit to spending alot of money on photos just yet but want some photos that look like they are professionally taken to use on their advertising. You can pick the location, you want the photos done at. When i am on tour you are welcome to come make use of the hotel or apartment i am staying in if you wish, if you are on the Gold Coast i have access to a pool that you can have photos done near, otherwise we can do on location or in your home or hotel. Its up to you.

2 hours photoshoot + Editing (up to 100 photos) $240

3 hours photoshoot + editing (up to 100 photos) $340