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A quick guide – When making enquiries or a booking

So, I am sure you have seen various posts by any number of people on how to approach an escort when making enquiries or a booking to see them and everyone has their different preferences, but i thought i would write a quick easy guide for myself.

Now i do actually offer a varied range of different services and for different prices and lengths of time so when you call me to discuss what your wanting to get up to there are a few questions ill ask to determine if we are a good fit or not and whether to go ahead or not. I will be honest i am quite direct on the phone and for some that can be a bit off putting but i find that i prefer to just be straight up when organising our time together, it stops any confusion and gives you a good understanding on what i do and dont offer.

I dont mind getting enquiries via text, email or phone call. Which ever you are comfortable with is fine. But when it comes to actually organising a booking i prefer to speak on the phone and occasionally via text message. But i always ask that firstly, you introduce your self and also let me know where you found my details so that i know how much information you know before calling as i advertise both online and in the paper.

I will always ask what kind of things your looking to get up to so i have an idea of what you like as i do offer a range of things, but also there are a few types of services i just dont offer. I dont do Porn Star Experiences or Girlfriend experiences and so if this is the type of things your looking for ill tell you about the services that i have that are similar but generally if you want either of these its not really my style of service.

I do highly encourage, especially if you find me online, that you check out my website prior to calling because it does tell you everything about what i offer and dont offer and how much it will cost you, which is the best way to determine if i am the sort of lady your looking for or not. But if you have decided to just call me, ill generally give you a basic overview of what i offer, then ask what sort of things your into and let you know which of my services might be right for you, or ill redirect you to my website if you cant decide to give you some chances to have a look through to help you decide.

After we have talked about what your into (and please dont answer with your into everything, because i can guarantee some of the things i suggest to that answer you may just not like the idea of) we can then talk about arranging some time together, now because over the next few months im touring extensively i will need to know what town your in to determine when we can spend time together. I do encourage that you book in advance with a deposit where possible as this makes things alot easier, especially for the trips that are only 2-3 days long and so my time will be limited in those places so always best to get in early.

So at the end of the day, some basic rules about making enquiries or arranging a booking

  • Please introduce yourself and include what town your located in
  • Let me know where you found my details.
  • Read my website before calling to arrange some time together
  • When asked, please tell me the type of things your looking to get up to, whether you just want to have sex or are interested in something kinky, please give me some idea of the things you enjoy so i can determine if we are a good match to have fun together.
  • Always be polite, and if what i offer isnt what your after please say hey, thanks for the information but i dont think your what im after, dont tell me you will call me later, it wont hurt my feelings if your just honest.
  • And if i dont offer what you want dont get rude or aggressive or question my choice. Just be polite say thanks for your time, and if you are polite ill more likely be happy to refer you to someone who offers what you want.
  • When we finally arrange some time together, please be prompt, and if your running late please just let me know




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