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Just a career update and some new plans for next year.

I have been touring Australia intensively over the last 12 months or so, mainly because i have had a few goals i have wanted to reach and i am slowly achieving those goals which i am really happy about and ill continue touring extensively until the end of the year until i am ready to

Regional #NSW Visit – I love to explore

As you may notice on my availability page, i am doing alot of touring of Regional New South Wales, i am visiting some favourite places as well as coming to some new ones that i havent visited before which will be exciting. I do love to explore regional Australia as much as possible, being a

Some home truths that need to be talked about

As many of you are aware i have been basically touring consistently since the beginning of the year. I have been to a range of different places and had alot of fun in many of them. But i want to talk about a few home truths about touring. Some of the things i talk about

Upcoming #Melbourne visit – 22nd to 24th August

So you may have noticed my tour schedule is pretty jam packed between now and the end of the year i am travelling all over the place and hopefully having some fun along the way. I have tried a few new places out. Some have been great others not so much but at least it

The rise of Crockor

I want to tell you about a new advertising platform that has been created to replace Cracker and Backpage since they were taken down by the FBI in the USA. It is called Crockor. It is not only an Australian based classifieds platform, there is a Crockor for countries all over the world. Not only

Talking about my passions in life

I have been trying to decide on something to write about that isnt really related to sex work for a while. There are a number of different topics i considered but some of them are a little too controversial and i decided to keep those topics to a blog i write seperate to my escort

A Kinky new service i have added

So as many of you might know i offer a range of relaxation and full service, services right? Along with a couple of fetish and BDSM Packages which i have been offering for quite some time now and honestly i like all the new additions to my service packages. I have some phone and online

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