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Cairns Travel Guide

I spent a few years living in Townsville and travelling up to Cairns on a regular basis because its such a great place to go visit whether on a short weekend away or a week long holiday. Who doesn’t love visiting the tropics? Great weather all year round and a great place to have some amazing experiences. Id love to […]

Talking about Anxiety COVID Edition

With all the different things happening with COVID around Australia and the various lockdowns including the extended lockdowns in Melbourne it is something that is causing anxiety for many. So I thought I would share some information about Anxiety and some different ways in which to cope with it that people might find helpful. Where possible i do believe it’s […]

Stuck in Macksville

So i made the trip to Macksville last week and was only going to be here overnight. Then the rain set in, flooding started and so i have been stuck here for a few days. Hopefully ill be able to head up to Brisbane on Thursday or Friday this week, fingers crossed. But what this means is that some of […]

Happy Birthday to you

I want to start out with thanking a lovely gentleman, who i havent had a chance to actually meet yet for supporting a side business i have as well as supporting my Reduce your impact on the environment movement i am starting online. How awesome is that right? My birthday is coming up on the 31st of January, and I […]