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#FacesofProstitution going viral – Consider this

Below is a post I wrote on facebook about #facesofprostitution and a little on my perspective. It seems this hash tag has gone viral around the world and there have been a number of media articles written (which ill reference at the end of this post for you to read.) One thing I have noticed

#FacesofProstitution, Pretty Woman (Starring Julia Roberts) & Sex Work

I want you to consider this. What is the difference between sex trafficking and sex work? Why do people of various backgrounds, races, varying education, life experiences, gender, economic situations CHOOSE to be sex workers? What images come to mind when you see the word or phrases – prostitute, sex worker, sex slave, hooker, whore,

Articles & Videos – Interesting Reading about sex work

  I have decided to write a blog post with a list of articles and resources about sex work, sex trafficking, decriminalisation and topics relating to the sex industry in Australia that you may find to be an interesting read. I will be adding new ones as I find them   SMH – Why I’m happy to be

Decriminalisation, Legalisation, Swedish Model, #RightsNotRescue

If you watched Lateline on 13/03/2015 you would have seen a few segments discussing Decriminalisation, Legalisation and Criminalisation. You would have seen the discussion on the Swedish model for sex work. If you didn’t feel free to read the transcripts for the interviews listed below Interview: The Scarlet Alliance’s Jules Kim Sweden criminalises the clients

Perspectives and how they can change.

Just some things I have been considering. Its interesting on how your views and opinions can changed based on various things. You may form views and opinions based on things you read about or see around you then you come across someone who has first hand experience and it can blow your ideas right out

50 Shades of Grey…….Thoughts?

Reference – My Facebook Post I live across from the new cinemas in Townsville and it seems there is a mass crowd heading to see the 50 Shades of Grey movie. For myself, I read the novels wondering what all the fuss was about. And found myself quite disappointed on many levels by the books.

Terminology and the Sex Industry

Lets talk terminology, context and how language can either create stigma or help remove it. There are many words in society to describe sex workers. Prostitute,  hooker, whore, escort, working lady or man, sex worker. When we see or hear these words used they can bring up a range of images or ideas for different

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