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Brisbane Travel Guide
Brisbane Travel Guide

Brisbane Travel Guide

Welcome to my Brisbane Travel Guide. I have decided to do a series on the different towns and cities I spend a lot of time in or love to travel to and share with you the kinds of things I love to get up to when I am in town. So because I am currently in Brisbane I thought I would start there.

While i do come to Brisbane a lot due to personal reasons there are a number of different things I enjoy experiencing while I am here. Plus when the warm weather comes out that is a massive bonus as i prefer the warm weather over the cold that’s for sure.

Southbank Parklands

What I love about the Southbank Parklands is it’s such a beautiful spot to go for an afternoon walk or even take some lunch down and sit at one of the picnic tables and enjoy a bite to eat while enjoying the surroundings. In the summertime I love to go for a swim at Streets beach which is a perfect spot to go for a dip on a hot sunny day in the middle of Brisbane don’t you think?

There are so many great restaurants and cafes in the surrounding area to enjoy a drink and a meal. My 2 favorites spots to have a bite to eat in Little Stanley Street are Bourbon Street and Gnocci Gnocci Brothers as I absolutely love the food served there.

There are also some great museums and cultural things to do around the Southbank Parklands which are a lot of fun to check out as well. My favorite to go to is the Queensland Museum as I love checking out the different exhibits that are regularly there. There are so many great things to learn about and I love learning new things about the world around us.

Brisbane Botanic Gardens

I have had a photoshoot done in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens and I love going walking along the water and through the gardens on a nice day. It’s a beautiful place to go and have a relaxing walk. I have taken friends down there for lunch in the park which is a great way to spend the afternoon with friends. It’s such a peaceful place right in the middle of the city to go and explore. Some of the things to check out while you’re there are the Bamboo Grove, Weeping Fig Avenue, Riverstage, ornamental ponds, and more.

If you have kids there are great playgrounds for them to play on while you enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch with your family which is great for them to be entertained.

Farmers Markets

As someone who likes to be environmentally friendly where possible and support local producers going to the farmer’s markets is a great way to support your local producers and there are some awesome ones to check out around Brisbane. Some of my favourites are Jan Powers Farmers Markets There’s one in Manly, Mitchelton and in Newfarm. There’s also the Nundah Markets and Brisbane City Markets.

I love the idea of fresh locally sourced produce and food and it feels so much more community-minded. There are so many different things you can check out and experience at them. There is usually a great variety of stalls ranging from Food to Lifestyle options. Which are your favourite farmer’s markets?

Old Petrie Town

Have you checked out Old Petrie Town? Not only is there some great history here, interesting Shopping and a great community feel they also have some markets you can check out and some great things to learn about. There’s a couple of museums to see such as the Steam Museum, Fire Museum, the Murrumba District Scout Museum and Pine Rivers Heritage Museum. Check out the Old Petrie Town Website to see what kind of things you can explore and experience.

Explore the amazing collection of historic buildings in this pre 1930’s town, and the eclectic assortment of vendors that operate within them. Discover the history with a tour through one of the 4 museums onsite. Take a moment to stop and Experience the atmosphere of this special place, and the vast array of creatures that inhabit the natural environment.

Old Petrie Town Website

Brisbane Festival

I haven’t previously attended the Brisbane Festival but I would really love to this year there are so many amazing-looking events that I would love to go to. I will definitely be taking my friends along with me to some of them and having a great time. I would definitely be open to attending with some new and old friends as well if you’re looking for someone to go with you.

We believe that a Festival should be festive and celebrate the personality of its city.

We are Brisbane’s most anticipated event of the year, bringing people together as they awake from their winter slumber for an explosion of arts performances and experiences.

Brisbane Festival is unlike anything else you can experience in the world. We redefine what an International Arts Festival looks and feels like, staying ahead of the game and bringing the next generation with us.

The river and iconic city landmarks are our stage as we create the art that enlivens, delights and disrupts. The curated multi-arts program presents a bold international program transporting our audience beyond the everyday through captivating performances and installations from across the world. We participate in global conversations. Brisbane is a city with boundless ambition, and the program celebrates this through collaborations, commissions and presentations.

We are deeply committed to making the impossible possible for our audiences and our artists. Brisbane Festival is an important time of the year when our artists are pushed beyond the horizon to make the work of their dreams come to life. We inspire audiences with new ideas and experiences that leave life-long impressions. We are at the heart of integrating arts and culture as a vital part of Brisbane’s future, creating an unwavering demand for this wonderful Festival.

Brisfest 2021 Website

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