Calling after I have left town

As a touring escort, when I visit somewhere I always include the dates I am visiting in my advertising – on my website, in my various ads and in the paper. The reason for this is that these are the dates I am available in town. So calling me after I have left town and asking me if you can come see me, tells me you haven’t taken the time to properly read my ad or website properly.

I do understand about getting excited about a ladies photos and just wanting to call so you can see her or getting excited about something you see in her ad. I do understand. But by taking a moment to read the ad before contacting her can be important. The reason for this is depending on where you found her details she will generally have included some important information for you to read – This can include – Dates she is available, her working hours, where she is located, what the rates and services are, maybe even her website. As a touring escort I feel its important that you check this information out before getting in contact and the reason being is that it is to ensure that she offers what your after, that she is in your price range, that she is available when you actually want to see her. It ensures that you don’t miss out on seeing her.

By reading her advertising properly when you call you are fully informed and also I guarantee that if you read all the information presented before calling the escort will be able to tell this and I guarantee that it will make the whole process a lot smoother and a lot of fun for both of you, because trust me, we can tell when you have taken the time to read our ads and websites and It really does make a huge difference in how the interaction prior to meeting goes.

Personally I include a lot of information on my website to answer as many of your questions as possible and this is for a few different reasons. Its so you know exactly when I am available, its so you know exactly what I am offering and for how much, its so you can properly see how I look, and the fact that I am generally a direct sort of person and I prefer to be direct in my interactions as I feel it can help us be on the same page.

It is really important to take note of things such as her availability and working hours, especially when she is on tour, because when tour dates are listed they are the dates she is in town. If she decides to extend her stay, trust me her tour dates will definitely reflect that so calling the days after, generally you will most likely be disappointed and that’s why if she has specific dates listed its best to get in contact then.

I usually recommend to clients to sign up for my newsletter as if you miss out on seeing me while I am in town, if you sign up to my newsletter you will be emailed when I have put up tour dates or when I am coming to your town.


So all I ask is that before calling the escort of your choice take a few minutes to read all the information they have provided to ensure you don’t miss out and that you get to spend quality time with the escort of your choice and if you read this information first I promise that it will make a massive difference.

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