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Can you believe its December

This year has really been just an atrocious year, hasn’t it? Lots of people losing work, States and Countries going into lockdown, So many getting Covid. It really has been crazy. And i can’t believe how soon this year will be over. I have learnt new things, I have been working on going in a different direction and i have learnt to appreciate those in my life personally and professionally. 

Each year around this time of year, though I do it throughout the year as well, but i like to encourage the people around me to help others out as I think it’s important. I am doing a few little things this year to hopefully brighten things up for others. Obviously, there will be a couple of organisations I will be giving extra support to where I can. 

But this year with so many people losing their jobs or having their hours cut back so things have become tight financially, I will be raising between $500 and $1000 to create a couple of hampers for families in the community who may not be able to buy presents or have food on the table for Christmas and i would love your support in helping me make this happen. So if you would like to donate something to help me do this you can do so via Beem IT (Username @sexybbwkrissy) or you can donate via my internet banking to an account I have set up to do this BSB 034230 Acc Number 494283 Acc Name K Smith. No pressure to do so, only if this is something you want to help with. 

Another thing I am encouraging that if you can, to donate food or money to your local food bank as they will definitely need the support at this time of year for those who need help. So if that’s something you’re in a position to do I am sure it would be appreciated. 

I think that volunteering or giving to community organisations is something we should be doing all year round as it is a way of helping those around you. It gives a sense of community and it is a humbling experience. When it’s possible I love to volunteer at the Riding for Disabled myself as i love horses but i also have seen the benefit first hand that giving people of different abilities the chance to go riding is really just amazing. And I have gone away with some amazing life long friends who are just amazing people. 

What have you discovered about yourself this year? What are the things you have learnt to appreciate? I know that i am grateful for the fact that i am still able to bring in an income whether, through sex work or elsewhere, i am grateful for my friends and family, I have learnt to appreciate the things i have and the fact that i have a home when so many don’t and i wish i could do more to help those who need a bit of a leg up. If you have found yourself in a position where you need some form of assistance please don’t hesitate to reach out and if i can’t help you directly I will be there to support you as much as possible. 



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