Just a career update and some new plans for next year.

I have been touring Australia intensively over the last 12 months or so, mainly because i have had a few goals i have wanted to reach and i am slowly achieving those goals which i am really happy about and ill continue touring extensively until the end of the year until i am ready to

Talking about my passions in life

I have been trying to decide on something to write about that isnt really related to sex work for a while. There are a number of different topics i considered but some of them are a little too controversial and i decided to keep those topics to a blog i write seperate to my escort

Just Me.. Well a bit of an insight to me… For the moment

As you may notice a lot of my posts are about things such as decriminalisation and things to do with sex work or even talking about boundaries and paying deposits and all that fun stuff which I think is important. But I think the occasional insightful post about me as a person and as an

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