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Australian City Escorts
City Gents of Australia. Lets have a chat.

City Gents of Australia. Lets have a chat.

I would like to have a bit of a chat to the gentlemen in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Perth & Adelaide. There are a few things i would like to bring up and make you aware of in regards to my visiting presently and in the future.

So, I will usually advertise my visits anywhere between a week and a month before my arrival in your city. I will do shout outs on twitter, ill send out my newsletter and make sure my advertising is updated with this information. On all ads, I will talk about pre-bookings and deposits being essential for my visit.

Now the reason I put such a focus on pre-bookings with deposits is that I will not organise an incall location in these cities at all unless I have several pre-bookings with deposits lined up before my arrival. If I don’t have any lined up I will arrange alternative accommodation for myself and will insist that I only offer outcalls. Incalls will be available by request but a deposit via Beem IT is essential for me to organise an incall to see you in. The reason I choose Beem it is because it’s instant which means I can have the incall arranged pretty quickly after deposit.

You may wonder why I have decided to operate like this. This is because over the years too often have I organised accommodation to do incalls at in these cities without pre-bookings and all that and then have been disappointed, or have not had enough incall bookings to make it worth it so I decided to change how I operate when I come to these cities.

So if you are in one of the cities mentioned, and have seen I am planning to come to your city in the future don’t wait until my arrival to organise something. Pre Book and pay your deposit. This will actually ensure I have an incall provided when I am visiting the town. While if you wait until I get to town to arrange something, I may not have one I am staying in so you would have to pay the deposit and wait between 30 minutes and an hour to be able to see me which just isn’t fun, is it?

You have right up until the day before my arrival to organise a pre-booking and deposit so it’s not like you have to organise it weeks in advance or anything, it just needs to be organised before my arrival and I will have an incall available to see you in. No having to wait around you just turn up at the time of your booking and we can have a whole lot of naughty fun.

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