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Australian City Escorts
Attention Australian City Gents: Let’s Chat About My Visits

Attention Australian City Gents: Let’s Chat About My Visits

I would like to have a chat with the gentlemen in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Perth & Adelaide. I want to make you aware of some important things regarding my visits to your city.

Usually, I advertise my visits anywhere between a week and a month before I arrive in your city. I use various platforms to promote my visit, such as Twitter and my newsletter, to make sure my advertising is up to date. I emphasize the importance of pre-bookings and deposits for my visit on all ads.

I don’t organize an incall location in these cities unless I have several pre-bookings with deposits lined up before my arrival. If there are no pre-bookings, I will arrange alternative accommodation for myself and only offer outcalls. However, incalls will be available by request, but a deposit via Beem IT is essential for me to arrange an incall. The reason I choose Beem it is because it’s instant, which means I can have the incall arranged pretty quickly after receiving the deposit.

I changed my operating process because too often, I organized accommodation to do incalls in these cities without pre-bookings and was disappointed or did not have enough incall bookings to make it worth it. So, I require pre-bookings and deposits to ensure that I have an incall provided when I visit your city.

If you are in one of the mentioned cities and have seen my plan to visit in the future, don’t wait until my arrival to organize something. Pre-book and pay your deposit, which will ensure I have an incall provided when I am visiting your town. If you wait until I arrive, I may not have an incall available, and you will have to wait between 30 minutes and an hour to see me, which isn’t fun.

You have until the day before my arrival to organize a pre-booking and deposit, so it’s not necessary to organize it weeks in advance. Just make sure to organize it before my arrival, and I will have an incall available for you to see me in. No waiting around, just turn up at the time of your booking, and we can have a whole lot of naughty fun.

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