Cuddles with Krissy

A little about myself. My name is Krissy. I have been working as an Escort around Australia for a number of years now and have discovered the many benefits of non sexual touching and cuddling and have experienced first hand the health benefits of it.

Through my working as an escort I have spent a lot of time with clients who miss the feeling of touch and just being held. And I can see many of the benefits of making this type of service available and accessable to my clients.

I believe exchanging energies through physical non-sexual touch can be both healing and rewarding. 

Throughout my time as an escort I have seen firsthand the powerful effects touch can have to relax and heal pain.

I believe that the world needs more peace and love, which stems from first loving and accepting our selves. 

Touch can help nourish these feelings within ourselves while simultaneously connecting and sharing them with others. 

I believe that healing touch is an important tool for growth and I hope to share that with the people around me through cuddle sessions

Benefits of Cuddling –

To put it simply it feels good to cuddle and to be cuddled.
Research provides us with evidence that shows that physical contact with others can have a positive effect on both our physical and mental health. When engage in touch or cuddles our brains produce chemicals called Serotonin and Oxytocin which are shown to make us calm and happy which then contributes to an overall sense of well being and relaxation which is pleasant and healthy.

Touch stimulates regions of our brain that are known to produce pleasant, pleasurable feelings. Studies have shown that touch can reduce stress and anxiety for up to five days after it occurs. Stress and anxiety are not good for your physical and mental health. .

Touch can play an important role in reducing stress and strengthening our immune systems. Touch can lower blood pressure. This can play an enormous role in the prevention and treatment of numerous health conditions.  Touch has actually proven to be more effective than verbal social support at reducing harmful effects of stress such as elevated blood pressure, cortisol levels, and heart rate. The research is clear. Humans need touch to thrive.


Cuddling relieves pain. Just as it boosts your immune system, cuddling and releasing oxytocin will decrease your pain levels. Whenever your neck hurts, what do you do? Rub it, right? Even simple touches like that release enough oxytocin to make you feel better, so imagine the effect cuddling has!

Cuddling reduces social anxiety. Oxytocin inspires positive thinking. It helps you have an optimistic outlook on the world. Which means when you get a hug right as you arrive at the party where you only know one person, you’re going to feel happier and more social going in. You’ll feel like you can charm everyone at the party. And with oxytocin coursing through your system, you will!

Cuddling lowers your risk of heart disease. Yup—oxytocin again! All the benefits listed above add together to mean less stress, less anxiety, lower blood pressure and—you got it—a lower risk of heart disease! Because your heart is happier and not working as hard to combat the effects of stress and sickness, you’ll be healthier, longer.

Cuddling doesn’t have a definition. Cuddling doesn’t have to be between you and your romantic partner. It doesn’t even have to be with another person—you can rub your own shoulders! You can also hug friends or play with your pets. If you don’t want to be social or don’t have a furry friend, never fear! You can take a warm bath or get a massage. Feeling warm and connected by some sort of touch is enough to release oxytocin into your system and get you feelin’ good!

Policies & FAQ

PRIVACY POLICY –  There is a strict privacy policy observed. Your information and identity is not shared outside our session together.

APPOINTMENT POLICY – I ask that I be given a minimum 2 hours notice for this service to provide this service in my home. If you wish me to come to your home I require the same amount of notice.

CANCELLATION POLICY  – To avoid charges for missed appointments, please cancel a minimum 1 hour prior to appointment time.

HYGEINE POLICY –  For our comfort and well being, please shower close to appointment time. Mouth should be cleansed and perfumes/colognes should not be worn. Shower & mouthwash are also provided in my apartment for your use.

PAYMENT POLICY –  Payment is due at the beginning of each session. I accept cash or money order

AGE POLICY – For legal reasons I only provide this service to those over the age of 18. While it isn’t a sexual service, I prefer to be cautious.

Cuddle Session – One on One

Cuddle sessions give you the opportunity to cuddle, and be held and enjoy the feel of touch, intimacy and communication in a safe environment. It is non sexual, there is no nudity just the benefits of touch.

30 minute session $60

45 minute session $80

60 minute session $100

90 minute session $130

The Overnight Cuddle is is most enjoyable for those who have attended at least a minimum 1 hour cuddle session. It is a minimum 7 hour session but if you wish it to be longer please let me know and we can see what we can arrange.
overnight session:      $450

All cuddle services are non sexual. If you are after a sexual services please check out the rest of my website.

This service is available to both men and women

To Visit you in your home or hotel there is a travel fee which is from $50 to $150 depending on travel time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I wear & what about personal hygiene? Wear comfy clothes that ‘feel’ good to wear. Think more comfy, than sexy. So like trakies or sweat pants and T-Shirt, even PJs if you so wish.. Personal Hygiene is a must. That means not to turn up straight after your gym or aerobics session. Remember we will be cuddling and speaking very closely with each other. Teeth brushed and shower beforehand is highly recommended. Please avoid perfumes and scented products like aftershave if possible. This makes it easier to cuddle you. Clothes stay on for the whole session. No exceptions. Remember the session is totally non sexual. You’re welcome to bring a pillow or cushion, too, if you like.

Q. Do we meet before we snuggle?  I suggest arriving on time so that we can spend 5 minutes discussing your needs and the rules of the session and ensure the comfort of both parties prior to any cuddling.

Q. What if I become sexually aroused during my session? Don’t worry, it happens! Although sexual activity is not permitted, arousal is perfectly normal and should not make anyone feel uncomfortable.

Q. Am I supposed to talk during my session? t’s really up to you. Although some people find that snuggling makes talking easier, the benefits of snuggling are not dependent upon being verbal.

Q. Do clothes/pajamas always stay on for the duration of our session? Absolutely! Nudity is not permitted.

Q. Are snuggling sessions therapy? Snuggling sessions are not therapy but they can be restorative, rejuvenating, comforting, playful and fun.

Q: What about sex? Isn’t cuddling about sex? No, not at all. You will be shown clearly how it is not.

Our society is a little confused (or a lot!) about the nature of touch and sex. All touch, and all cuddling, is not about sex. For some reason, Sadly, we are in a society in which the two are collapsed together. Most people have very little opportunity for touch or cuddling that isn’t part of sex. Human beings of all ages need touch and affection. It’s innate. We never outgrow it. As we re-discover non-sexual touch and affection, find a comfortable and open space to enjoy and explore kindness and human affection with others. And we have more fun.

Cuddle Sessions are  specifically designed to leave the sexual kinds of touch off the menu, so that the more inclusive, non-sexual kinds of touch have a chance to be discovered and enjoyed. Many people find this quite natural. For others, it’s a new experience, or even challenging. Many people are surprised to find such a rich, comforting, playful and fun experience.

What is a cuddle service? It is where we cuddle and hold each other, experience and enjoy the feel of being held. It is a safe space to be able to either just cuddle and be held silently or if you wish we can talk about any topic, talk about your feelings and give you a safe space to feel true intimacy with another person without the sexual elements many associate with intimacy.