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#FacesofProstitution going viral – Consider this

Below is a post I wrote on facebook about #facesofprostitution and a little on my perspective. It seems this hash tag has gone viral around the world and there have been a number of media articles written (which ill reference at the end of this post for you to read.) One thing I have noticed is that many sex workers who have twitter have responded to this hashtag in many ways. No not all types of sex workers are represented in this hashtag, but that isn’t what its about. It was in response to a media article written on the mamamia website and its about the fact that many who are anti-prostitution have refused to listen to what sex workers have to say. They refuse to understand that there are many many sex workers out there who don’t fit into this picture they portray to the world. The below post is my way of trying to get people to understand that sex workers and sex trafficking victims can not be lumped together in the same category. Please feel free to read the attached articles.

I have not posted a selfie under this hashtag, but I have written a number of responses  to it from my perspective because I felt the desire to write about it. I really wish those who have so many issues with the sex industry would take the time to actually listen to what we have to say because we are the ones who choose to be sex workers and are we not industry experts? We have faces and voices too. All I ask is that you listen to us. Stop talking at or over us. We are people with lived experience. You take us on in discussion and argument with information that’s incorrect or false and refuse to pay attention to those of us with lived experience. Its time for you to really listen.


Reference – Krissy Smith – Facebook

I wrote a blog post about the ‪#‎facesofprostitution‬ on my website. But heres some food for thought for those who believe all sex workers are trafficked and are victims, for those who think sex work should be criminalised, who think sex workers cant make their own choices.. There are many types of sex workers. Those who work indoors and outdoors. Those who choose it as a career choice. Those who do it for survival. Those who do it when there are other options but this is what they want. Those who do it because they need to survive and maybe dont have other options. Those who have mental health and drug issues. Those who dont have mental health or drug issues. There are sex workers who work in brothels, street workers, those who work for an agency or those who work alone and all those in between.

But consider this – if someone you cared about, someone you love maybe, chose to enter the industry for what ever reason…. would you rather there be laws that make them safe. That mean they can operate in a way that makes them safe and have the same rights as other workers? Or would you rather see them criminalised or in an environment that is unsafe?

I think its time for people to look at the definition of sex work, sex trafficking, and victim. People need to understand sex work does not have the same definition as sex trafficking. Everyone is in this industry for their own reason. And by having laws that decriminalise sex work completely then makes it alot easier to report and find and help those who are trafficked…

So many ark up about sex trafficking but why is it that those who are so vocal about sex work and sex trafficking dont also pipe up about other forms of trafficking unrelated to sex?

As a sex worker I want to see those who are being trafficked to actually be helped, but understand that as a person who chose sex work I dont need rescuing. I want those who traffick women children and others caught and stopped. But I as a sex worker by choice left to be able to continue to work by choice.

Just a little food for thought. I cant talk of other peoples experiences because we each have our own story to tell. But I can express how I feel and hope someone listens.


Media Articles written about this topic

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