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Fly me to you

I dont actually have a specific Fly Me to You package anymore. That doesnt mean i dont offer these i am happy to travel anywhere in Australia to see you by request and i can be flexible with my schedule to make this happen.

Instead i have decided ill do tailored Fly me to you packages instead. What does this mean exactly? Well it means that depending on your location, It will depend how much notice ill need and it will determine how much the travel costs are.

Of course with this option i will require a minimum 3 to 4 hour booking to do a fly me to you package just to make it worthwhile, not just for yourself but also for me. If i am going to travel to a town or city to specifically spend time with you, i want you to get maximum enjoyment of course.

I dont do Fly me to you very often but i have done the odd one on occasion and it has always been alot of fun and hopefully i can do more of them in the upcoming months. So if you have been considering spending time with me and dont see me coming to your town or city in the near future, Coming to see you isnt completely ruled out. Organise a Fly me to you instead.

I have a range of different packages to pick from and i can customise a price and package to suit what your looking for. Maybe you want to combine a few different packages together or want to try something different. Get in touch and lets see what we can come up with.

I dont mind what part of Australia your in i am willing to travel with enough notice to make it happen.

Escort Services

Fetish Services

Just remember that with fly me to you options that a travel fee will be added to the package price whether this is for flights or train or bus or what ever mode of transport i need to organise to get to your location.

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