Gold Coast Travel Guide
Gold Coast Travel Guide

Gold Coast Travel Guide

The Gold Coast is Australia’s third-largest city and it has a lot to offer. From beaches to theme parks, shopping centers, restaurants, and bars – you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do on holidays here. I spend a lot of time down there mainly visiting my family, but there are so many things to get up to when visiting.

Australia’s Surf Capital

The Gold Coast is Australia’s Surf Capital. It’s no surprise, given that the area has some of the best waves in the world.

The Gold Coast also offers plenty of things to do outside of surfing—from hiking and camping among beautiful national parks to enjoying a day at one of many beachside cafes or restaurants.

What to Do

The Gold Coast is a great place to enjoy the tropical climate and explore Australia’s famous beaches. Here are some of our favorite things to do:

  • Surfers Paradise (The Point)
  • Palm Beach (the widest strip of sand in the world)
  • Whitehaven Beach – this is a great place for families because there are activities all day long! There’s an amusement park, water park, arcade games, batting cages, and more! It’s also conveniently located near several hotels so you can spend your entire vacation here if you want.

The Spit

The Spit is a popular tourist destination on the Gold Coast. It is a sandy beach that stretches for several kilometers, and it’s a great place to go for a swim or go for a run. There are many restaurants and cafes on The Spit, making it an ideal location for people wanting to enjoy some time outside in nature.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

If you’re planning a trip to the Gold Coast, then this is a must-see. The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is an Australian zoo and sanctuary that was founded in 1970 by Robert Kaufmann. It’s located in the Gold Coast suburb of Currumbin.

The Sanctuary hosts more than 10 million animals from all over the world, including tigers and lions, elephants, and camels! You can even see some rare Tasmanian devils or koalas if you’re lucky!

Go for a ride on a river cruise

A river cruise is a boat ride on the water, usually along a river or canal. They are popular in Europe and North America, as well as Asia and Australia.

A river cruise offers travelers access to scenic views of nature while they relax and enjoy some time away from their busy lives. River cruises provide a unique opportunity for people who want to experience the sights and sounds of nature without having any other distractions such as traffic noise or crowds nearby. Because most boats are located near water sources (rivers), you get all sorts of wildlife including birds like ducks, eagles and pelicans! You can also spot dolphins swimming alongside your boat which makes for some great photo opportunities!

There are many different types of cruises but one type called “river cruises” typically consists of multiple stops where passengers spend hours exploring different areas along with eating lunch at each stop along with dinner meals served onboard (as opposed to being served buffet style). These types usually run once per day depending upon how many nights they’ll be traveling during those days plus any days before/after flights back home.”

Visit Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo is located in Beerwah, on the Gold Coast. The zoo has over 200 species of animals and is home to Steve Irwin, who was known for his animal conservation work. You can also find a theme park and wildlife sanctuary here as well!

Visit the Gold Coast Hinterland and Falls Creek

Falls Creek is a popular destination for Australians and visitors to the Gold Coast. The town has many things to do, from skiing and snowboarding to going for walks or just relaxing at your hotel. You can also do some river cruising on a cruise boat if you’re feeling more adventurous!

If you’re looking for an exciting day out with plenty of activities, Falls Creek is the perfect place to visit.

The Gold Coast is a big city, so it can be hard to find the time to explore all of it. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do while you’re here so that your trip doesn’t become just another day at work!

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