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Heading to the Jenolan Caves

So in the last week of May, my friend Linda and i will be heading to the Jenolan Caves. I havent been there in years and thought it would be a fun trip the 2 of us could do together. We have decided we will have some availability to see people while we are in the area, and will be doing a short visit to Bathurst and Lithgow along the way.

Have you checked out the Jenolan Caves? I remember loving exploring them. Its such a beautiful area to spend a couple of days in, though i think we are going to need some warm jackets while we are there, what do you think? We will definitely be taking some gorgeous photos while we are in the area and i might add them to my Krissys Travels twitter account which you will be able to check out after our visit.

We havent confirmed where we will be staying while we are there, but i hope its going to be a fun visit and will be checking out the local sights, if you have any suggestions i would love to hear them. We want to experience as much of the area as possible.

So make sure you watch this space and follow me on twitter to check out any photos we put up during the trip. And if you are in the area i would love to spend some time with you, could even do an explore of one of the caves then go back to the accomodation and have some naughty fun together, now that would be a fun thing to experience together.

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