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How is 2020 shaping up so far?

This year started out on such a high for me, as I got a short term contract job for 3 months at the start of the year and I literally went for the interview and 2 hours later I got the call offering me the job and for me, it was a really great start to 2020 you know, got me on a bit of a high. I liked the job, it was challenging, the people I was working with were just an awesome bunch of people, and id definitely enjoy doing another contract with them in the future. It was looking good..

Then COVID hit, social distancing, self-isolation, restrictions on the things we could and couldn’t do. Having restrictions on doing sex work. It takes a bit of adjusting to and has altered how I view this year. 

I have taken on a couple of other roles outside of sex work where I am working from home as such, which is awesome and I am happy that I have that going on, I have a few small projects happening which are really exciting. 

I have used this time to get some new books to read, some fiction and some history books mainly. Though I have a couple of political type books I am also enjoying though I won’t mention who the authors are here but, if your interested to know more make sure you get in touch and we can have a chat about them. 

I have also started a 30 day free trial with Body Groove. It is this awesome dance fitness thing I can do from home following the videos and I am finding it to be heaps of fun. You should try it out. It’s easy and great for any fitness level and its just a good time and more fun than attending the gym, at least in my opinion. CLICK HERE if your interested in finding out more or even joining me for this journey. 

With all this happening and going on I have become super strict in my booking policies. From now on, if you would like to spend time with me, I will require that you pre-book with a deposit, Whether that’s giving me an hours notice or 3 days notice any of these are acceptable but I will require it for all sessions we have from now on. You may be wondering why I have decided that this will be necessary, its because i have decided that its best for my mental health, it helps with planning, and it means that I can give quality time to those who want to spend time with me. I have had many who have chosen to ignore this on my ads and websites and because they feel it doesn’t apply to them, they have missed out on seeing me. But during these difficult times, it’s more essential than ever before that you organise a pre-booking and deposit. It also means it gives me time to make sure all safety and hygiene practise have been implemented for both our best interests. 

So I would love to hear what you have been doing with yourself in your free time, during social distancing and self-isolation times. Comment below your thoughts. 

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      My merchandising job has slowed a bit but my furniture job is ticking over, even if I’m spending more time serving customers upstairs than in my section these days.

      I managed to get my van insurance paid off a month ago. Now I’m putting aside some for dental work.

      As far as personal time, I’m a bit of an isolationist already, so my life hasn’t changed much, haha. Sure I’d love to go to the movies but what’s the difference between not being able to afford to go most other times and cinemas now being shut because of the virus? Both mean you’re not seeing a movie. I had hoped to start to stream PC stuff on twitch, these last few months but there’s too many people around!

      Glad you’re doing well considering and I look forward to seeing you on the South Coast again soon!

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