Its almost Christmas and the end of 2017

So, ill be honest i do love Christmas time. There are many different reasons why, its a time of year i can spend time with my friends and my family, its the time of year i start making my nans christmas fruit cake (which is secretly like the best christmas cake like ever) and in my family we have this tradition where we will buy 2 presents for each person in our family, one is a gift that person wants and the other is a silly and funny present which related to something funny that has happened in that year.

I have posted 2 end of year tours to Rockhampton and Canberra, though those will only go ahead if i get a minimum 5 advance bookings with deposits. So if your in either place i highly recommend getting in contact. I will also be available until the end of the year for fly me to you bookings which require a minimum 3 hour booking, so if you would like to see me before the end of the year make sure you give me a call.

Between the 24th and the 26th December and on the 31st of December i will be turning my phone off though as i wont be working or be available to answer the phone at all as i will be spending time with my family. And its been a few years since i have had a christmas with them so i am making the most of it.

I would love to hear about how and if you celebrate Christmas and what your plans for New years eve is. Hopefully most of you have some great and fun plans, but i also want you to take some time out and think about those who wont be spending time with their families at this time of year, in particular those who serve in our military. If you want to show your support you can organise to send them letters or care packages to show your support to them. You can also show some great support towards some organisations that are there to support our veteran. I am a big supporter of Mates4Mates and i would love you to support them too.

Also please take some time out to think about those who are less fortunate then you and there are some great ways you can help those out who have less then you. Whether its volunteering or even giving a gift to a child who wont get any this year at christmas and ill link some places you can check out and support.

JoySpreader Charity Gifts

Unicef give a gift

Give joy to sick kids this christmas – Starlight Childrens Foundation

My little bookcase

Volunteer for Christmas – The Smith Family

Volunteer at Christmas

Volunteering Queensland – Homeless Connect

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