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January – My Birthday Month

So, my birthday is on the 31st January and ill probably spend it with friends and enjoying their company. Who knows what we will get up to this year. Might do something themed which can be alot of fun. Might have to take some photos and post them up on my twitter for you to check out. I would love to hear your ideas on a themed birthday, i was thinking something along the lines of Alice in Wonderland or even like an 80s theme or something, so make sure you make a comment on this post on any of your great ideas and who knows my friends and i might make it happen.

I do sometimes get asked what kind of things i would like for my birthday, and what i usually tell my friends and family is i would rather they either volunteer for a worthwhile organisation or give a donation to a short list that i support rather then give me a present, its the same when it comes to Christmas time as that is what i prefer.

So if you were thinking about maybe getting me a gift or something i would rather have you donate to one of the organisations close to my heart as i think thats the best gift you can give is doing something for someone else. So i have made a short list of organisations that i support that i would love for you to give a small donation to instead of any presents.

Mates 4 Mates

Soldier On

Wounded Heros

Townsville Womens Centre

If you decide you want to get me a gift, it isnt necessary, but you can go to Prezzee and have it sent to my email at

This isnt necessary but it is always appreciated. I just want to encourage others to try and do something good or kind for others as i think its really important and its a good way to celebrate my birthday month.

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