Just a career update and some new plans for next year.

I have been touring Australia intensively over the last 12 months or so, mainly because i have had a few goals i have wanted to reach and i am slowly achieving those goals which i am really happy about and ill continue touring extensively until the end of the year until i am ready to settle into my new house on the Northern Coast of NSW, Which i am very excited to be doing to be honest. I cant wait to live in a coastal town again as i love being by the ocean, its peaceful.

I have completed a few courses now, which will help me to begin a new business hopefully in the new year once i have everything required to be able to set it up finished. I plan on starting a new business outside of the sex industry that i have been considering for a while which i am really excited about. Those who know me, know i usually like to have a few things going on at any one time. I have had a number of jobs outside of the industry while doing this job as i like the challenge and diversity of doing a range of things.

I will give credit to this industry though, I have learnt alot about running a business and getting it up and running which hopefully will help me in the months to come about getting my new idea up off the ground. I have completed some courses to become a celebrant which i plan on using to start offering celebrant services which i am really excited about doing. I will continue to do sex work until it becomes an established business, after that well i am not sure if i will stay in the industry or not, i guess it depends on how well things go. I have talked about retiring from sex work before and its something i do consider doing at some stage as i dont feel i can do it for the rest of my life there are so many other things i want to get out there and do, but it has helped me to achieve some goals i have had in the past which is always good.

I cant tell you how much longer i plan on doing sex work as i really am not sure how long it will continue, but i do know that when i plan to finish up i plan on going out with a bang at some point, but until then i continue to keep going and working on getting some of my ideas off the ground and really making a go of them and im lucky i have the support of those important to me, and they are willing to help me to achieve my future goals.

You will have to keep an eye on this space as they say, and i will keep you in the loop of my plans and i am hoping that at the beginning of the new year i can have my new business come alive and make a good go of it as it is something i have been thinking about for the last few months as something i really want to do

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