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Just Me.. Well a bit of an insight to me… For the moment

As you may notice a lot of my posts are about things such as decriminalisation and things to do with sex work or even talking about boundaries and paying deposits and all that fun stuff which I think is important. But I think the occasional insightful post about me as a person and as an escort can be just as important.

Ill be honest, I don’t spend all day sitting around doing nothing while waiting for my phone to ring. It just doesn’t happen. Yes I will make myself available to take your calls and texts but honestly there is so much more to me then that. I am constantly looking for new books to get my hands on and read. I mean if I had to choose my most favourite thing to do in my spare time, it would be to get totally wrapped up in a really awesome book. I have a number of favourite authors who I just love to read. Margaret George actually wrote one of my most well read book – Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles. I have read it so many times that I have been through a number of copies of it. I am also a huge fan of Matthew Rielly. I find his books hard to put down, its just go go go with them. Lots of action and excitement. Some of my other favourite authors include – Jeffery Archer, Sophie Kinsella, Tess Geritson, and David Eddings. To be honest I could talk for days about my favourite books and I am one who will read them over and over again until they are practically falling apart at the spine. Its so much better then watching a movie. Well at least in my opinion.

Since the day I left my parents home to go out in the world I have always tried to live as close to the ocean as I can, except for that one time I lived in Canberra, But trust me I got out of there as quickly as I could I didn’t stay for all that long. LOL. I love being on the water or swimming at the beach, the smell of the ocean has a calming effect on me. Its relaxing, peaceful, and just the best place to spend your free time. I guess that comes with being an Aquarian. I have spent years working on the ocean before becoming an escort and plan to do it again in the near future. Its the best place to be.

I also love doing volunteer work and fundraising for organisations that are important to me especially within the veteran community as well as in Mental Health and with kids. Im a firm believer that when it comes to doing volunteer work its best to do it at places that are close to your heart and are important to you because it requires love and passion to really fully enjoy and appreciate volunteering and what it can do within the community. If you ever want to support some great organisations Mates4Mates, The Womens Centre (in Townsville), The Smith Family (sponsoring a child to be able to attend school), Headspace and RDA (riding for disabled) are some great organisations that do good things for people in the community.

Before I became an escort my life had its ups and downs, had seen the world, met people from all over the world, and my life as it was, was pretty good. But sometimes things happen in life that you cant change and because of that I had to find something else to do with my life that suited my needs in a variety of ways such as being more flexible, and something I could work around both my physical and mental health needs and that’s how I got into this industry. But I really don’t plan to be here forever, I have other plans, other goals, other things I want to have happen in my life and I am working on it. Its a work in progress and I think that while I have been around for a while, it will be time to leave and move on to new and different things. What those are well, who knows it could be a number of things, I have a few things im sorting out and a few plans in place that will take time to implement.

To be honest my interests are simple. The things that make me happy are simple. I love books, Being by the ocean, Sailing, Travelling, Helping other people, and just leading my life in ways to suit me. It may not seem exciting to some but its what works for me. Occasionally I will love to buy those sexy pair of shoes ill never be able to wear comfortably, or maybe trying something outrageous like skydiving (which I have only done twice and don’t intend on doing again). But honestly I like to keep things simple.

I will be honest in my younger days I was a bit of a wild child, I got into all kinds of trouble, had parties and went to parties (no drugs sorry), did some pretty crazy things, played pranks on my friends (funny stories for another time), and honestly the stories could fill a book. And sometimes I miss those days I was a different person and had a blast and will always have fond memories and possibly even photo and video proof (but we wont discuss that haha) But those days don’t happen much these days… Except maybe once in a blue moon when I am together with some special friends and possibly on holidays like a proper holiday. But these stories are for another day…. Maybe when i old and grey lol.


So theres a bit of an insight to me without sharing all my secrets lol. Cant give it all away. I had a long life before escorting that was pretty exciting, stressful, filled with pain and joy, and certainly a life changer but I have also had a great life since then, filled with life lessons, interesting people, and an insight to myself I didn’t have previously.


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