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Lets talk Nude photos and C*ck photos

Over the years I have been asked to send nude photos or guys wont follow through with a booking with me. I don’t put nude photos online because I feel that if you want to see me naked you can arrange a time to spend time with me. So if I wont put nudes online, I am definitely not sending you nude photos. This is my choice, I prefer that you come see me in person to see me naked. I understand there are ladies out there who use nude photographs in their advertising and that’s their choice, but they also generally don’t show their faces in their advertising while I do. So prefer to have something to save for our time together.

As to being sent your lovely penis photos, I really don’t want to receive them. I generally don’t understand a guys need to send them in the first place. When did sending them via text message become a thing? And so often guys don’t even ask me if I want it prior to sending them.. You do know about the laws about sending pornographic photos via text without permission right? If not, it can be considered illegal as well. Lets talk about why I don’t want to receive your cock photos. The reason I don’t want to get them is because honestly, its just not a sexy photo to get. I am not going to turn the water works on by receiving one, and well honestly its not something im going to masturbate over.

The thing is guys first if you want naked photos to wank over there are so many porn sites you can check out for that material I can even refer you to some. I know some great sites that contain sexy naked photos to wank over so you don’t need any of me. My photos online show you what I look like so you either like what you see or you don’t.

As to c*ck photos well honestly a suggestion, just don’t send them unless the person your talking to asks for them. Even when I am dating guys feel the need to send them and honestly I can tell you that when it comes to dating if I get a cock photo I lose complete interest in wanting to speak to you anymore. I don’t even want to go on another date. As a sex worker, I don’t want to receive them because honestly if you send me one prior to arranging a time to see me theres a pretty good chance I just wont go ahead with a  booking from you, so if you wish to spend some time together I suggest you just don’t send me one or even think about sending me one, because honestly I will see your cock when we meet I don’t need a photo of it prior to our time together and I promise I am not going to get all wet if you send me one before we met…

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