Let’s Talk: Nude Photos and C*ck Photos – My Experience and Perspective

Over the years, I’ve had numerous experiences where guys have asked me to send them nude photos, or they won’t follow through with a booking with me. To be clear, I don’t post nude photos online because I believe that if someone wants to see me naked, they can arrange to see me in person. So, if I’m not willing to post nudes online, I’m definitely not going to send them to you. It’s my personal choice, and I prefer that you come and see me in person to see me naked.

I understand that some ladies use nude photos in their advertising, but they usually don’t show their faces in those pictures, whereas I do. So, I prefer to keep something to look forward to for our time together. Now, let’s talk about guys sending me penis photos. I really don’t appreciate receiving them, and I don’t understand the need for guys to send them in the first place.

When did sending unsolicited genitalia pictures via text message become a thing? And often, guys don’t even ask me if I want them before sending them. Do you even know that it’s illegal to send pornographic photos via text without permission? That’s right, it’s a criminal offense in many places.

Let’s address why I don’t want to receive those pictures. The truth is, they’re just not sexy to me. I’m not going to be turned on by receiving them, and I’m definitely not going to masturbate over them. If you want to see naked pictures for personal pleasure, there are countless porn sites available online that you can check out. Trust me; I can even recommend some great ones.

My photos online show you what I look like, so you can decide whether you like what you see or not. As for penis photos, here’s a suggestion: don’t send them unless the person you’re talking to asks for them. Even when I’m dating someone, I’ve had guys feel the need to send them. But, honestly, if I receive one, I lose complete interest in continuing to talk to them, and I definitely don’t want to go on another date.

As a sex worker, I really don’t want to receive them because if you send me one before arranging a time to see me, there’s a pretty good chance that I won’t go ahead with a booking from you. So, if you want to spend some time together, I suggest you don’t send me one or even think about sending me one. Trust me; I’ll see your penis when we meet. I don’t need a photo of it before our time together, and I promise I’m not going to get aroused by receiving it before we meet.

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