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Lets Talk Sexual Health…….. Again.

I think it is time for me to talk about sexual health again. Recently the requests for services without condoms have been flooding in. Now I do understand that services such as oral or sex feel better without them. I do know this. But lets be serious. If I were to offer these things without condoms I would be putting my sexual health at risk of catching an STI. I take both your sexual health and mine seriously and believe that to ensure that we can have a safe but fun time condoms are a necessary evil.

I make sure I get tested for STIs on a regular basis. This is to make sure I maintain a clean bill of health. It also means for you that when you come see me I know that I am not putting your health at risk. I don’t discriminate, all my clients are required to wear condoms, if you refuse then I am happy to end our time together there on the spot. I don’t negotiate on this at all.

Lets talk about STIs. The Australian government have made a website with a range of information about STIs and Sexual health – Australian Government Dept of Health – Don’t risk an STI always use a condom which has some great information about how to prevent getting an STI, how to check if you have one and where you can go to get tested.

Imagine this, what would happen if you went home with someone whether they were an escort or someone you met at the local pub and they hadn’t been tested recently and had taken a risk and caught an STI, by not insisting on a condom you are then placing yourself at risk of catching one, then if you don’t get tested and pass it on to your next sexual partner and I don’t think they will be impressed. Now some people are happy to take the risk for short term pleasure, but in the long term there can be consequences to this.

As an escort I insist on condoms being worn for all sessions. But I also insist on them being worn with sexual partners outside of working because I take this seriously. I feel that as a client you should be the same. Take time to read the website I mentioned and learn about how to keep safe and ensure you continue your good health.


I don’t negotiate on condoms. And you shouldn’t either.




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