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Making the most of your time with you chosen escort

So, as many of you may know i have been travelling extensively for quite a few months. And it has been a challenging and fun experience and i plan to continue this for at least a while. But i want to talk about something i have come to notice alot while doing this. A common theme i notice is that i get alot of calls from gentlemen who take a look at the photos on the profile and go straight to finding the phone number to call and arrange something without first reading though their chosen escorts profile.

Now i understand that you may get all hot and heavy over the photos your chosen escorts have on their profiles and maybe you get a little or even alot excited, i do understand that happens. But what your missing out on is discovering what they offer, how much they charge for their time, their availability, checking whether they are touring your town or city (and if they are touring what dates they are available), and information they may provide on how they prefer you make a booking, if they require deposits and all that kind of thing.

The reason it is really important that you read their profiles and / or websites is that by doing so you can have as much information as possible prior to calling. It helps you determine if they offer what kind of things you want to get up to, it ensures that you know if you can afford to spend what they charge for their time. It makes sure you can find out if they would be a good fit for what your looking for and it also makes sure that you follow their preferred booking procedure as every escort has a different way of operating.

By taking the time to check through your preferred escorts profiles and websites it means that you have a better chance of having a fantastic time with the escort you have chosen. It makes sure that you can pick one that offers the things you love to do. It just helps to ensure you pick the right escort for you and that its a good match.

I make sure i have all my tour dates listed, and i make sure i include information about my expectations on receiving deposits prior to my arrival in town. The point of getting these advance bookings and deposits is to make sure that first of all you dont miss out on getting to see me because many times i am only in town for a few days and also it means you get to have first pick of the time we spend together. But it also means you genuinely want to spend some quality time together which helps me decide if there is enough interest to justify going ahead with the tour.

But because i tour constantly, its really important that you take the time to check the dates listed on my profile or website before calling, because recently i have been getting calls for places im not visiting until April asking to see me today when its a few weeks before i get to town. So to ensure you dont end up disappointed its a really good idea to double check tour dates as this ensures you dont miss out on seeing me while in town, because its not fun missing out on quality fun times together.

It really is a great idea to read through all the information provided on your chosen escorts profile before calling them because ultimately i guarantee that they will find it really sexy and awesome and it makes seeing you really fun and exciting because it shows us that you have taken some time to get to know a bit about us and what we love to offer and it shows you want it to be as fun as we want it to be for you.

I want you to have the best time possible when we are together and the best way to make sure that happens is to read my profile and website before calling me. And guess what? Those who make advance bookings with deposits promptly and without having to be asked, i like to reward in a variety of ways, but also a little secret? It makes me super excited to see you when we meet. I love it when my gentlemen callers do this, i get excited in a number of different ways when this happens.

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