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So, you have decided you would like to spend time with me?

So, you have come to my website and decided that you would like to spend some time with me. That’s always a good thing for me and you hehe.

When it comes to arranging a time for us to have a good time together there are a few things that can make the process go smoothly and also to ensure we enjoy each others company. They may seem easy and common sense but its good to discuss it anyway.

One thing I like to say is that the biggest turn on is when a guy reads my website prior to calling. hehehe.  And when I say reading, I mean actually reading it after checking out the gallery, as we know that’s probably the first page you will go to lol. The reason this is a turn on is because first you know what im about. You know what I offer, what my rates are, what I look like, and this should help you to decide if I am the right woman for you. It also means when you call to arrange some time together you have an Idea of what you want and how much it will cost you which then makes the process quicker and it means you can see me sooner lol.

Next, good manners and respect when talking on the phone and not being crass will always guarantee we will go ahead with the booking because I think these things are sexy in a man and I respond well to it. It means that I know we can have a fun and genuine time together. And it lets me know you will respect my boundaries and by doing that we will have a great time

I will always ask when it is that you want to see me. What time did you want. That sort of thing. I ask that you don’t use the phrase “now”. Why? you may ask. Because to me now this second. Now yes, you want to see me asap, and I have no issue with that at all I understand what its like to feel horny. I feel like that very regularly. But we know it could take anywhere between 10 minutes to half an hour maybe longer for you to actually reach my place.. Because of the travel time. So when I ask you when you want to see me say something along the lines of – I can be there in 10 minutes or I am 20 mins from town is that suitable? And I would be happy with that because it gives me an idea of what time to expect you and also if someone else calls me after you I can tell them hey I am busy for the x amount of time I can see you after that. And it means you wont stuff me around and I wont stuff others around and every one is happy LOL.


When you arrive, I expect payment upfront, id prefer not to have to ask for it, but if so I will always say lets get the payment out of the way so we can have a good time. I will also always offer you the chance to have a shower and I suggest you use the opportunity to take it. It will not cut into our fun time together and if you wish I can join you in there as well hehe. I always offer a shower after our time together as well for you. I have mouthwash, tooth brushes and toothpaste, aftershave and deodorant and shower gel for you as needed.


Hopefully this is a little helpful. And remember I don’t bite unless you ask me to. If you are respectful towards me ill treat you the same.


and a little side note. If you know you cant come to a booking I just ask that you give as much notice as possible please. And if you cant give much notice to cancel please have the manners to call and let me know rather then text as that would be appreciated.






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