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Military & First Responders

If you are a Veteran, or currently serving in the Military, or a First Responder (Paramedic, Firefighter, etc) I offer a small discount on all my services when you make time to come see me. Generally, it’s between $20 & $100 depending on the service you’re wanting and for how long. So make sure to let me know so I can give you the price.

The terms and conditions in receiving this discount are that you either have – DVA White or Gold Card, or some form of ID showing you are a veteran or serving member of these services. I won’t take copies of the ID or anything I will just need to sight it when you show up for your booking. If you don’t present these I will charge full price.

This discount also applies to my Rent a Mum service that I have available.

As someone who has previously served in the Military myself. I also offer a couple of things to the Military & First Responders. I have a select amount of time set aside each week to offer peer to peer support, so if you are needing someone to chat to and you don’t know where to turn I can set aside some time to either chat with you on the phone or even meet somewhere with you for coffee or a drink and I will make time to chat with you and offer some support. And we can talk about anything you might want to talk about or maybe your just needing a listening ear.

I can also direct you to some amazing organizations if you are needing extra support whether that’s with mental health issues or even if you are having trouble transitioning out of the services I can guide you on where you can get additional support no matter which state or city you’re located in. So please don’t hesitate to ask if you need additional support as I am happy to help you out and guide you on what’s available to you out there in the community or even attend with you if you’re nervous about attending alone.

I also offer social rate services if you’re wanting to have a social booking so if this is something that interests you please let me know and ill give you the prices for that.