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Mini Series – Episode 1 – Common Issues from Clients

So i have been trying to decide what i feel like writing about because sometimes it can be difficult to decide. So i have thought i would write about a few things i have found over the last 12 months that i think need to be addressed. I will be doing a short series of these types of blogs to address things that have become issues and will explain how you can not be one of these people and show you how to make the most of your experience with your chosen escort

I have found that more and more clients are ignoring everything written in our ads, they are looking at our photos and going directly to our contact information and completely ignoring everything we have written which would answer alot of their questions before calling, texting or emailing. Now this doesnt apply to every client out there, but it seems to have become more and more common. And i have really begun to notice exactly how often it has been happening.

Clients – All our advertising and websites generally tells you alot of the information you are calling and asking us about – Location, Availability, Tour Schedule, Prices, Services, If we require deposits or not, How to contact us and a range of other information. The reason we provide this is so that before contacting us you can determine if we are available when and where you want and if we are in your budget. So while i hate harping on this its really really IMPORTANT that you read this information.

Now i know you love the pretty pictures and you just want to call. But a little tip the thing that will make you stick out from the rest and have us excited to see you is if you READ IT first.

Something else that has become more common that needs to be addressed is the attitude that we should be available 24 hours a day, be awake all night to answer your calls. But something i have discovered is that those who call at ungodly hours of the night 99% of them end up being complete timewasters, so you will find a big portion though not all escorts will stop taking your calls after a certain time of the night due to this.

Now if you find that you want to see some one in the early hours of the morning, and dont want to call around to 20 different escorts before you find one thats awake, check their availability if someone is available after midnight say, they will most likely mention it in their advertising. There are also a range of brothels in most cities that are open late at night for this kind of occasion. Now if these dont suit or there is someone specific you want to see – PRE BOOK and chances are they are going to be more willing to see you in the early hours of the morning.

Another thing you may have seen to become more common is the need for deposits for Touring and for some pre bookings and deposits in their base city or even deposits for In or Outcalls. There is a reason for this and some of it has to do with the above mentioned issues. But something that has become a common thing is that so many clients will tell you that they will call you on the day and then you never hear from them again and so, especially for touring, It has become expensive to do so, so many escorts now ask for a deposit just to make sure it is viable to tour. Now i understand that sometimes you are concerned about paying a deposit but a majority of the time they only ask for a small one and chances are they arent going to run off with your deposit. Its like making a hotel booking these days they take a credit card details or many take a security deposit and this is just for security and peace of mind and this same thing applies to your escort of choice.

So clients, if you can up your game i promise you will be rewarded. Because by doing all the right things to arrange a time with your chosen escort you will find that your chosen escort will be really impressed and certainly will look forward to spending time with you.

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