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Mini Series – Episode 2 – How to get the most enjoyable experience

So in the previous episode, we discussed some of the issues that are becoming more and more common in terms of our clients, So this episode is going to talk about how best to ensure you get the most enjoyable experience with the Escort or Sex Worker of your choice.

The main things you need to consider is what sort of experience you are wanting. Do you want a Girlfriend Experience? Are you looking for a kinky service or someone who specialises in catering to various Fetishes? Maybe your wanting a Porn Star experience or even spend time with a Pro Domme or Pro Sub. There is an escort or sex worker out there for you no matter what kind of experience your looking for. But its a good idea to have in mind the sort of things your interested in getting up to.

From here, This is where you find the person who offers what your looking for. Take the time to read their advertising, if they have a website make sure you read it, check out all the details. See if they offer what your after within your price range because there is a sex worker for every budget. But one thing to note, is if the escort your interested in has a higher price then what you can afford you have 2 choices. You either go looking for someone else who is in your price range or you begin to put money aside until you have enough to cover their prices for their time. This is why its super important for you to read our advertising and websites so that you are completely informed of these details so you can make your choices.

Remember, trying to negotiate our rates that we charge for our time isnt acceptable. It is rude and will most likely put you in that escorts “i wont see list” because it really kills the mood and vibe and makes it awkward and uncomfortable for everyone. So please just dont do it.

Once you have done these things, its then time to find out your escorts preferred contact method. Whether they want you to call, text or even email, which ever is their preference is the method you make use of. When contacting them its a good idea to include the following information – Your Name, Your town or city location, Which service your after and for how long as well as a time and date of when you prefer to see them. The reason for this is it shows them you have taken the time to read their advertising, It shows you have respect for their time and service and it just makes the whole arranging a fun session go alot smoother which is good for both of you and it goes a long way to make sure your experience will be fantastic.

Many Escorts these days like to have a small deposit made prior to a booking and it is a great idea to offer up one before they ask for it, and pay it in quick time. There are many options available to do this and your chosen escort will advise on the best method. But this also ensures that you will get a great experience as this shows your chosen escort your serious and willing to commit to arranging a time with them. I suggest you install Beem It on your phone and set up an account as this is a quick, instant, secure method to make your deposit.

So once you have done all these things, followed their instructions on their website and advertising, you will find that your chosen escort will be very excited to see you, They will ensure you have a great experience as you have shown you have respect for their time. And ultimately it just shows that if you can make the effort then they will make the effort. May seem commonsense but sometimes it needs to be spelled out. Its like going on a first date, You want to make a good first impression when your going on a first date right? The same applies here, you want to make a good first impression so that they will want to see you, but also want to see you in the future.

When you begin the appointment, good manners, respect, and respecting your escorts boundaries will ensure you both have a great time, leave a great first impression and will make your chose escort excited and happy to see you for future sessions.

So what you should get from this is simple – Read our advertising and websites, Pick the escort that suits your needs and price range, Show good manners, respect and respect for boundaries, and follow their required instructions to make a time with them and you will have a great time.

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