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Perspectives and how they can change.

Just some things I have been considering. Its interesting on how your views and opinions can changed based on various things. You may form views and opinions based on things you read about or see around you then you come across someone who has first hand experience and it can blow your ideas right out of the water. Id love to hear some thoughts on some of my questions below.

Prior to either being an escort, seeing an escort or interacting with one did you have preconcieved ideas about those who work as sex workers? What were those preconcieved ideas?

After becoming a sex worker, making a booking or interacting with a sex worker did your ideas and opinions change? Did you find yourself having an altered idea of those in the industry?

What influences your views on sex work? Is it the media? Movies? Your interaction with a sex worker?

If you find out one of your friends is a sex worker does that change your view on them? If it does why?

As a sex worker what has influenced your way of working, has any of your ideas on sex work and those in the industry changed, what drew you to the industry?


For myself before starting out as an escort I admit I had some interesting ideas on the whole industry and my experiences had been very limited. After making the decision to become a sex worker I discovered so many things that in my mind were just misinformation. I also learnt that you don’t have to be a size 8 blonde stunner in order to do well or have a great amazing variety of clients.

The way I operate as a sex worker is influenced by my lifestyle. Its influenced by what I feel comfortable with and what I don’t. Its influenced by the people I spend time with. And lastly how it fits around my schedule and how I feel about myself as a person.

Its interesting that before I started in this industry my contact with sex workers was limited to what I saw on the internet or while having a night out in Kings Cross or when I had a night out at Oxford Towers in Singapore. So obviously it really didn’t encompass the vast variety of people who make up this industry.

I can say I have met and interacted with a variety of different people. Political opinions that are different to mine, Religious ideas that are different to mine, even the things that interest me such as my choices in novels have been different and varied. Which is a good thing I think because its given me a chance to meet some amazing people.

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