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New & Old – Books Business and Naughty Times

It feels like ages since I have written on here, but I don’t think its been all that long really. I have had so many different things going on recently. I have decided to stay in Brisbane at least until the end of September, I have started a couple of online businesses outside of sex work which is super cool, have been taking some time for myself and only accepting bookings from those gentlemen who actually make genuine bookings. 

I will be touring throughout the year, mainly shorter tours, but I am open to requests if you want me to spend time in your town. I am hoping to do some fun trips to a couple of places this year so make sure to check out my newsletter and my availability page. 

I have started reading a few new books I picked up at one of the Op Shops here in Brisbane not long ago, I got myself a copy of the Horse Whisperer as well as the book called InkHeart. Have you seen either of the movies? I tell you the movies have nothing on the books. Both really capture your interest. I am finding them difficult to put down. But that’s normal for me, I absolutely love to read, I only have a number of books here with me in Brisbane, if I bought all my books with me id need about 500 suitcases to fit them in haha. I don’t have a set type of book I like to read, its more just anything that captures my interest whether its Historical Fiction, Comedy, Action or everything in between. I definitely have favourite authors though. My favorites being – Margaret George, Jeffery Archer, Sophie Kinsella, Matthew Rielly, David Eddings, Did I mention Margaret George? LOL

Who of you likes to read? I would love to hear about your favorite books. I am always looking for amazing stuff to read and check out. I have a range of different books I would highly recommend to others and I honestly read so many different kinds of books I am sure we can find a few we have in common. There are a couple I like to read that would be considered controversial as well lol. So if your open-minded id love to have someone to chat with about them as well. 

I have been working on getting a couple of my online business up and running, which has been a lot of fun and would always be happy for your support. Would you like to know more about them? They mainly focus on Warmers & Defusers, Hair & Skin Care for Men & Women, Beauty, Sex Toys and Sexual Wellness, Pet Care & Laundry Care, and everything in between, so if your interested id love to tell you more about it. Id love to tell my network within the industry all about it, I would love to be able to share them with other sex workers and always open to telling them all about it, but I would also love to chat to you as my clients about them, Why? Because I am finding the more I focus on them the more excited I am becoming about them and really loving it, and would love to have your support. 

So thats what i have been getting up to recently, what have you been getting up to of late?

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      Krissy I can’t remember if I ever told you but I bloody well love Matthew Reily.

      You are a woman of taste.

      My recent months have been not too much different, being not so social a person, stuff being shut down didn’t affect me much and I still worked about the same amount I normally do in both my jobs.

      I’m also interested in any of your new business endeavors so blog away!

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