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Questions – Its interesting what people ask sometimes.

I want to ask a few questions. See what people think and have to say. Why did I become an escort and why have I continued doing it for as long as I have? Why do people choose to come and see an escort? Why is it that the general public think that we are bad people? Why isn’t sex work decriminalised throughout all of Australia? How do we remove stigma attached to this industry? What are the good and bad things about sex work? What kind of people choose to do sex work and why?

Questions I get asked by clients:

Why do you do this your such a nice woman?

Why don’t you get a ‘Real’ job?

Are you available NOW?

Do you have a boyfriend or a husband? Do you have kids?

Can I take you on a date?

Could we meet for a drink and dinner and I just pay for the full services afterwards?


Questions I get asked by people in general who I meet.

Why would you do that for a job?

What makes you decide to be an escort?

Have you ever been raped or attacked?

Are all your clients horrible old men?

How much do you earn?

Arent all escorts drug addicts?


Isnt it interesting what people like to ask when it comes to the sex industry. So many are based on misconceptions people have on sex work. Others are just invasive and in a lot of situations they are questions people wouldn’t generally ask. But because we are sex workers people feel this almost perverse need to know. Its like its this hidden taboo topic that people just want to know everything about. I am happy to talk about my experiences with people. To help dispel misconceptions etc but sometimes the questions I get asked are just invasive and sometimes borderline rude.

Let me state for the record –

Not all my clients are horrible old men. Not all escorts have drug or mental health issues. Not all escorts have been attacked and raped. Some of us have partners some of us don’t. Like any other profession talking about finances is just rude.

Over the years I have met some fantastic clients where if I had met them outside of work I would definitely see them socially. Others not so much. I have been asked to do some interesting and slightly left of centre stuff. But that’s part of what can make it interesting.

If you read through my blog I talk about why stigma needs to stop. Why decriminalisation needs to happen. Why I have decided to be an escort. What needs to change to make this industry a safe one. I have talked about why I am not a dating service. Even what its like being a plus size woman in this industry. I have talked about hot topics relating to sex work and have even provided resources that are interesting to read to help you understand this world better and in doing that hopefully people begin to see us as just people. People trying to make a living in a way that suits us.

So before you go asking invasive questions I have one for you – Why do you choose you job? How much personal information would you be comfortable divulging to a stranger? Where have your misconceptions come from? Are those misconceptions real? And how can you help to remove stigma of sex work? Because we can all play a part.



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