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Rent A Mum

Are you looking for someone to show you some love and care?

Is it someone to listen to your deepest thoughts, or chat about the day that’s been? Someone to clean your safe space or cook you dinner while you recharge and relax? Fold the laundry you’ve been anxiously glancing at?

Sometimes life can be overwhelming. We go through stages of loneliness, grief, or even simply boredom. The housework piles up and the energy to do it all can seem massive.

Over a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever you enjoy, lean on someone else and give yourself space to be cared for in the ways you need. Whether that’s cleaning, cooking a meal at home, or folding that pile of laundry, I’m here to help.

Need someone to just help you get your life organised or even just help to get daily tasks completed? Whether it’s getting your groceries done, some meals prepared for the week, or even just organising travel or setting appointments

I’d love to lend an ear and show you the love and care you deserve. We can talk about anything, everything, or nothing at all. We can talk deeply about our goals and ambitions, or relax together with a comforting cuddle.

I can be many things – a cook, a personal assistant, a cleaner or a friend.

Let me know your needs. What is missing for you and where can I help? Give me a call.

This isn’t a sexual service, this is for those looking for loving care and help with a busy life. Let’s make life just that little bit better.

2 Hours – $300

3 Hours – $450

4 Hours $550

6 Hours – $750

There may be a few additional fees, these include the cost of groceries, a small travel fee to visit you, a small travel fee if you need me to go out to get your groceries (maximum travel fee $150) These will be discussed at time of booking.

Special Rates for Sex Workers, Military & Seniors (T&Cs apply)

Please note – This service isn’t just available for men, it’s for Men and Women.