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Services and Prices

Imagine the pleasure we could experience together. Imagine all the kinds of things we could experience in each other’s company. I have a range of different things we could experience with each other, ranging from a quick visit to just have some sneaky fun through to a naughty experience where we can fully explore your desires. Come experience some erotic relaxing time together.  Click on the headings of each package to get the details of the pleasurable fun we could experience together. Let your imagination run wild. 

Check out my packages below for your enjoyment. Who knows what we could get up to together. Please note all my services are safer services which includes using condoms for all services. Gloves and Dental Dams are provided if needed. For further details lets chat.

Military Discounts Available – Terms & Conditions apply


Click on Package Headings to find out what’s included & the prices of each package


This is for those gentlemen who are on the go and just want to be looked after and would like some help to unwind and just relax or give them that extra pep in their step to be able to go about their day.  


This is for the gentlemen who want to indulge a little bit more, maybe be able to enjoy some more sensual pleasures, mutual enjoyment, and a lot more exploration of each other’s bodies and just have an extra taste of vanilla for those who want to indulge a little bit more. 


This is for the gentlemen who would like to indulge in some naughty pleasures, who want to be pampered and not only enjoy the pleasure of a voluptuous woman but who also want to indulge in something that’s a bit naughty and maybe in your world a bit kinky, Lets spice things up a little and have a great time together. 


Did you want to explore your fetishes and kinks? Do you enjoy BDSM? Looking for someone to take the lead and help you explore your fantasies? Check out my Fetish & BDSM Packages and let’s see what we can get up to. ABDL, Spanking & Discipline, Greek on You, And a range of other fetishes we can explore together.