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Sexual Health
Sexual Health – Your Responsibility not just mine.

Sexual Health – Your Responsibility not just mine.

I dont get asked for services without condoms as much as i used to, which as someone who doesnt offer services without condoms is great news. But i still get a STI screening done on a regular basis. Because my sexual health is my responsibility. But if my sexual health is my responsibility that means your sexual health is your responsibility. Now you may be asking what that means.

So i provide condoms for all my services, i provide gloves and dental dams as well so that i can provider a safer service. I get STI screening done on a regular basis. So if you are sexually active you need to be making your sexual health your responsibility and this means as a minimum you need to be getting STI Screenings done on a regular basis as a minimum every 3 to 6 months.

There are places you can go to get discreet testing done if this is a concern to you, most major cities will have a sexual health clinic you can attend or your GP can do the screening for you. I will link at the bottom of this post a website where you can find out where you can get screening done in your town or city.

It doesnt matter if your seeing sex workers or not your sexual health is your responsibility and its something you should be looking after because some STIs may not show up physically or they make take weeks, months or even years to present themselves. And the sooner you get checked regularly, means if there is something to be picked up it can be treated faster. Now this isnt to assume that you have an STI. But isnt it better to get checked regularly then not?

Now as a sex worker, each of us make our own decisions about our bodies and thats our choice just like its your choice. But by doing this, it means collectively we are all taking responsibility for our own sexual health which is good for everyone. If you are a sex worker and are concerned about discretion i completely understand and feel free to check out the links below to find the best place to suit you for your STI Screening and other sexual health needs.

Register of Public Sexual Health Australia Wide

Health Direct – General Sexual Health Information

Could I Have It – Western Australia

NSW Sexual Health Clinics

Queensland Sexual Health Clinics

ACT Sexual Health Clinics

Victorian Sexual Health Clinics

Tasmanian Sexual Health Clinics

Northern Territory Sexual Health Clinics

South Australian Sexual Health Clinics

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