Exploring Sex Work and Related Topics in Australia: Must-Read Articles and Videos

Sex work is a complex and often controversial topic, with differing opinions and perspectives on the industry. It’s important to approach the issue with an open mind and a willingness to learn, especially as it can have significant implications on the lives of those involved. In Australia, sex work is legal in most states and territories, but the laws and regulations surrounding the industry can vary greatly.

Some of the articles and resources that I will be including in this blog post cover topics such as the impact of decriminalisation on sex workers’ health and safety, the experiences of sex workers in regional areas, and the prevalence of sex trafficking in Australia. It’s important to educate ourselves on these issues and to listen to the voices of those who are directly impacted by them, in order to promote greater understanding and empathy for the individuals involved in the sex industry.


SMH – Why I’m happy to be a sex worker

Touching Base – Sex Industry Facts

Sex Workers & Sexual Assault in Australia – Prevalence, risk and safety – Australian Institute of Family Studies.

ABC (28/02/2014) – Debate over sex work legislation continues in western Australia.

ABC News (29/08/2014) – Selling sex in the city – Adelaides illegal prostitution industry

The Age (21/07/2014) – Decriminalisation would prevent HIV – say sex workers

Sex work legislation stands in the way of Australia’s commitments – Australian Federation of AIDs Organisations

The Concersation – Sex Work News, Research and Analysis

Positive Life (01/12/2014) – Being a sex worker in Australia – Cameron Cox

Right Now – Human Rights in Australia – Whorephobia and the truth about Sex Workers – Elena Jefferies (10/11/2014)

Scarlet Alliance

All I want for Christmas is the decriminalisation of sex work – The National Forum – (22/12/2011)

Sex Work in Australia: Challenging Antiquated Myths (08/09/2014)

We need to talk about sex work and disability – Interview with Rachel Wotton – Mamamia (09/06/2013)

The Monthly – Body Politic – By Emily Maguire

Australian journalist reveals secret life as escort – Sunday Night – (31/08/2014)

 Australian sex workers fight back against industry stigma – (31/03/2015) – news.com.au

Sex workers don’t need to be rescued – The Drum – (03/06/2009)

Sex workers rally for improved rights – SBS News – (23/11/2015)

Sex work: Decriminalisation is not a dirty word – Kristen Crawford – Charles Sturt University – (03/06/2014)

Trafficking of women for sexual purposes – Australian Government Dept of Social Services

International Whore Day call for sex worker rights – Indymedia Australia – (06/06/2010)

 The red umbrella — sex work, stigma, & the law | Maggie de Vries | TEDxSFU 

Open Your Mind to What Goes on Behind Closed Doors | Rachel Wotton | TEDxBunbury

Q&A with Rachel Wotton – Scarlet Road

Scarlet Road – A sex workers journey – Rachel Wotton


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