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Articles & Videos – Interesting Reading about sex work


I have decided to write a blog post with a list of articles and resources about sex work, sex trafficking, decriminalisation and topics relating to the sex industry in Australia that you may find to be an interesting read. I will be adding new ones as I find them


SMH – Why I’m happy to be a sex worker

Touching Base – Sex Industry Facts

Sex Workers & Sexual Assault in Australia – Prevalence, risk and safety – Australian Institute of Family Studies.

ABC (28/02/2014) – Debate over sex work legislation continues in western Australia.

ABC News (29/08/2014) – Selling sex in the city – Adelaides illegal prostitution industry

The Age (21/07/2014) – Decriminalisation would prevent HIV – say sex workers

Sex work legislation stands in the way of Australia’s commitments – Australian Federation of AIDs Organisations

The Concersation – Sex Work News, Research and Analysis

Positive Life (01/12/2014) – Being a sex worker in Australia – Cameron Cox

Right Now – Human Rights in Australia – Whorephobia and the truth about Sex Workers – Elena Jefferies (10/11/2014)

Scarlet Alliance

All I want for Christmas is the decriminalisation of sex work – The National Forum – (22/12/2011)

Sex Work in Australia: Challenging Antiquated Myths (08/09/2014)

We need to talk about sex work and disability – Interview with Rachel Wotton – Mamamia (09/06/2013)

The Monthly – Body Politic – By Emily Maguire

Australian journalist reveals secret life as escort – Sunday Night – (31/08/2014)

 Australian sex workers fight back against industry stigma – (31/03/2015) –

Sex workers don’t need to be rescued – The Drum – (03/06/2009)

Sex workers rally for improved rights – SBS News – (23/11/2015)

Sex work: Decriminalisation is not a dirty word – Kristen Crawford – Charles Sturt University – (03/06/2014)

Trafficking of women for sexual purposes – Australian Government Dept of Social Services

International Whore Day call for sex worker rights – Indymedia Australia – (06/06/2010)

 The red umbrella — sex work, stigma, & the law | Maggie de Vries | TEDxSFU 

Open Your Mind to What Goes on Behind Closed Doors | Rachel Wotton | TEDxBunbury

Q&A with Rachel Wotton – Scarlet Road

Scarlet Road – A sex workers journey – Rachel Wotton


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