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So, its my birthday in a few days

So, on the 31st of January its my birthday and honestly this year i really dont plan on really doing all that much for it because i just dont feel like it to be honest. Some years i like to make a big thing of it but this year i plan on just heading to the beach, having some seafood for lunch and thats about it.

But, for those around me who keep asking what i would like to get for my birthday, or what i feel like getting up to, i am encouraging them to firstly instead of getting me a present to make a donation to Mates 4 Mates which is an organisation that is there to help our military veterans and their families and they have some really great programs to help our veterans out. I think it is a really awesome organisation that is important to me and i know how much great work they do. So if you are interested in doing something special for me for my birthday, i ask that you donate something to them to help them to continue to give veterans the support they need.

Otherwise, when ever i am in a new town on tour i find out about various womens and youth shelters in that location and give them a call to find out what kind of donations they need such as tea, coffee, sanitary and hygiene products, clothing, blankets, non perishable foods, stuff like that and i gather together a box of these items and organise to drop them off, and i encourage all my friends and clients to do something similar. Or even find out about local food banks, kitchens, or other places you can donate some of your time to volunteer or even make some form of donation. It doesnt have to be a regular donation even just a one off would be great. Because to me i think if we can all do something good or kind for others then its one step towards making this world a better place. For me this is something i appreciate much more then getting me a gift for my birthday.

I would of course be available to see people on my birthday so if you want to come have some naughty fun together, please feel free to go through my website and give me a call to arrange something, but in terms of gifts or celebrations this year the above things are something i would appreciate and be grateful for much more. There are so many ways we can help others out and doing something even if its just a small thing can make a huge difference in someone elses life.



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